Bye bye Bundy, Hello Coral

This is it, we are leaving for the Reef, after spending a few days up the Burnett River, in front of Bundaberg, or Bundy as Aussies affectionately call the town.

We could have left earlier, but we were waiting for a supply of insulin for me! Mind you, we did not waste our time. We thought we would stock up on food, do some laundry, and be a bit naughty.

Bundy distilleryWhen in Bundaberg, you have to visit the iconic rum distillery! As they say “no one has red volcanic soil like us, so no one grows sugar cane like us, which is why no one does rum like us.” We learnt that Bundaberg Rum originated because the local sugar mills had a problem with what to do with the waste molasses after the sugar was extracted. Some bright spark decided to try distilling the stuff instead of letting it go to waste. Bundaberg Rum was first produced in 1889.

Much later, in 1961, the designer of the distinctive square Bundaberg rum bottle, Sam McMahon, also introduced the polar bear as its mascot.  McMahon means ‘son of a bear’ and his favourite bear was the polar bear, the perfect symbol for a drink that would “ward off the wickedest cold”.

It was just as well we were walking back to town after our visit rather than driving, as we might have done a little too much tasting! Wade’s top lip was a bit numb, as if he had had too much kava, and I felt a bit light headed! After much deliberation, our favourites were the Bundaberg white rum with a dash of lime and soda, and the Royal Liqueur with salted caramel. It goes without saying that we bought a bottle of each.

Apart from rum tasting, we have been doing a lot of tuna eating, helped last night by new cruising friends from SV Karm, Darren and Kris, on their maiden voyage north from Tasmania. We have discovered that tuna freezes well, and more importantly defrosts without altering the taste and texture of tuna sashimi. A very good thing to know.

Our last night in Bundy was marked by a fiery sunset, with the sky and colours getting progressively deeper: a stunner! So all in all we have had a very nice time in Bundy!

Coral Coast -7644

Colourful start of sunset

Coral Coast -7649

The colour deepens

Coral Coast -7650

The place is on fire!

First thing tomorrow morning, we are leaving for Lady Eliott Island, a coral cay some 55 nm NNE of Bundaberg.

Bundy to Lady ElliottLooking at the forecast, we will be at the Reef for at least a week, slowly hopping from coral cay to coral cay – now that is the life! The underwater camera is charged, the charts of the area are on the nav table, we are ready!


12 thoughts on “Bye bye Bundy, Hello Coral

  1. Yes, Bundy Rum is the go, not a bad drop. Enjoy the reefs and the Bundie. My printer is shot so have to get it repaired, bother!! Have lots to print, end of year etc. also golf stuff.

  2. Wow Chris! This is it! Finally, the famous Reef! I can only imagine the pictures you’ll be posting next. By the way today’s pictures are wonderful! Have a great time my friends. 🙂

  3. You are obviously having a wonderful time. Your pics are brilliant but no photos of ‘the baby’ 🐾. A once in a lifetime trip. Safe travels

    • Hi Caroline, yes it’s magic. The baby did not do much at the reef … not keen on swimming and no beach to walk on, so lots of snoozing! As for the ‘Once in a lifetime’ comment, hopefully it will be multiple times in a lifetime as we intend to keep cruising for quite a few years! This is not an out and return home affair.

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