Terrific Reefurl Service

We have nothing but praise for Rogin Taylor, the owner of Reefurl roller reefing furling systems. We met with him on Friday at the Airlie Beach public jetty where he inspected the damage to our two furlers and advised what needed to be done. To cut a story short the furlers we have are not his and appear to be a copy. So no warranty job, but a terrific service.

Rogin could easily have said ”bad luck, not my problem” and sold us two of his complete furling systems. Instead he did his utmost to provide replacement parts for what was needed and to make improvements to our set up while keeping the costs down.

We spent the weekend in Nara Inlet, an anchorage sheltered from northerly winds to enable us to properly fold our two sails and remove the staysail furler in flat water. There is nothing worse than working up the mast in choppy water! This was the first furler which Rogin worked on. We brought down the genoa furler and stay on the Monday once the staysail furler repairs were completed.

Whitsundays -9509

Wade about to release the top of the Staysail furler. It is attached to our topping lift and I lowered it down on the deck.

Whitsundays -9510

The staysail stay and furler are down!

Whitsundays -9512

Wade disconnects the inner stay and furler unit from the deck so we can lay it flat and out of the way.

Now for our followers wanting to know the nitty gritty, here is a bit of technical information with photos to help explain. The first image is a sample of what the properly constructed foil should look like. The orange PVC tube is where the stay is fed through. The stainless steel stay does not touch any metal and fits snuggly so it cannot move.

Whitsundays -9519

This is what the inside of the furler foil should look like.

This is what our staysail stay and existing foil look like – can’t see a tube for the stay and the foil rests on the swedging. You can see the start of some wear on the right side of the aluminium foil. It is much, much worse on the genoa foil with a 3 inch raggedy tear on the side.

Whitsundays -9515

Existing staysail stay and foil before repairs

Whitsundays -9523

The top of the genoa furler – scary!

The damaged part of the foil was cut away and a new section with top block riveted on.

Whitsundays -9529

New top section for the genoa furler

As for the stays themselves, we inspected them when they were down. Luckily they were not damaged.

All the work was done on Monday for a quarter of the price of two new Reefurl furlers. It was a major job which took all day, but it is done. We finished putting the stays back up under torch light!

Whitsundays -9532

Men at work!

We think we provided an interesting challenge to Rogin who was amazed the original gear lasted for so long! We will need to get our two sails shortened a little bit at the top to fit properly with the new set up. The drawing explains how this is done.

Sail shortening

The new set up is a serious improvement on what we had. It will make it much easier to furl and unfurl the sails. And god forbid if we ever get a tear in one of the jibs, we will be able to get it down and back up without needing to climb up the mast at sea – an important safety feature.

Whitsundays -9521

New pulley system to avoid having to climb up the mast if we need the sail dropped or raised

We were blown away by how accommodating and resourceful Rogin was. Any yachtie interested in the Australian made Reefurl system, check out the website. Interestingly our sailmaker Frank Hammond from Horizon Sailmakers recommended Reefurl as a significantly cheaper yet solidly made alternative to other overseas systems.

16 thoughts on “Terrific Reefurl Service

  1. Wow, I’m glad you guys got such a good price. The Genoa Furler was looking horrid! I am glad it won’t fail you guys now while at sea. 😎

  2. when I made up the furler for Catnap I had already bought the Ronstan drum & swivel. I bought the section for the furler from Reefurl. They were prompt & easy to deal with. (If I hadn’t already had the fittings I’d have bought their furler complete at about the same total price).

  3. I think that the Genoa Furler broke at the right time, fortunately. Now you have a better system which is much easier to handle under any similar emergency. Take care Chris. 🙂

    • Thanks HJ – yes lucky Wade noticed it at the marina and we have been able to get everything sorted quite quickly. Back to island life tomorrow!

  4. Hey guys, well done on another improvement!! You have had your share of challenges. We toasted you from Sorrento’s on Sunday afternoon after we realised you had parked out the front. We are one of the many Snell’s in Pioneer Bay. Ours is called Que Sera. We love it. Give us a hoy if you would like to catch up. We are heading to Hamo Friday to pick up friends and do the Whitehaven thing for a few days. Take it Easy! Regards, Jase and Sal. 0418202406

    • Hi Jase and Sal – nice of you to visit the website and say hello! We are picking up our sails tonight and heading off to the reef tomorrow. If we get a chance we’ll come looking for you, if not have fun with your friends and we’ll catch you around at some stage!

  5. Good feeling when you get the right tradies that know their job & a fair price. I will look them up if I need them.

  6. Great going folks, see you can have a win now & again, but I can see you are having a good trip by your story and writings. Have a safe trip.

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