Sailing the Wild Side Published

Within an hour of sending our article about Sailing the Wild Side to the Yachting Magazine Cruising Helmsman, Editor Phil Ross confirmed he would publish it in the August issue. What a thrill!

The story shares our experience of sailing the West Coast of Tasmania during our 2018 Tassie voyage. We hope it provides some helpful information to encourage other yachties to give this awesome part of the Tasmanian waters a go.

To read the article, click on the image below or go to our Published Page, Destination section.

Title Page

15 thoughts on “Sailing the Wild Side Published

  1. Congratulations, Chris, on another wonderful article. I really like the way that you covered so many aspects of your adventures, including practical ones like food and water. I couldn’t help but notice toward the end of the article that you and I share a certain amount of selfishness when it comes to sharing our experiences with nature–we would prefer that there not be a lot of others around.

    • Very true Mike and thank you for commenting. We go to these remote places because we enjoy their ruggedness, isolation and the sense of being explorers. It is not quite the same with lots of other yachts around. But they are still stunning!

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