Tasmanian West Coast article published

When it comes “Destination” articles in sailing magazines, nothing beats a story about off the beaten track wilderness areas. It has appeal to seasoned sailors as well as to those dreaming of future adventures. And the Tasmanian West Coast is one of those destinations that is less travelled, a bit daunting, yet breathtaking.

I was delighted when Australian Multihull World accepted to publish two articles about our foray down the West Coast of Tasmania. The first in the July/August issue focuses on Macquarie Harbour. The second to come out in their September/October issue showcases Port Davey-Bathurst Harbour.

So here is the first article in the series, retracing our explorations of anchorages around Macquarie Harbour and up the Gordon River during our Tasmanian voyage earlier this year. We hope this inspires some of you to be adventurous and dare to explore these less frequented sailing destinations. To read the article, click on the image below or go to our Published Page, Destinations section.

West Coast Foray - Macquarie Harbour

14 thoughts on “Tasmanian West Coast article published

  1. Congratulations Chris! That’s a fine article about that stage of your journey. Great photos too! Good job! 🙂

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