Part 2 of West Coast Foray Published

The second article of the Tasmanian West Coast Foray series was published in the September/October issue of Australian Multihull World. This one explores the magnificent oceanic inlet of Port Davey-Bathurst Harbour.
We know a few of our followers are considering a sailing adventure to Tasmania. We hope this will inspire them to include the Port Davey/Bathurst Harbour area on your cruising list.

To read the article, click on the photo below or go to our Published Page, Destinations section.


6 thoughts on “Part 2 of West Coast Foray Published

  1. Wow! What a cool article and the photography is amazing, Chris. Some of the details are of most use to folks considering a trip to those remote locations, but the narrative was compelling enough to keep my interest to the very end. I was especially intrigued by the cat’s cradle. I somehow never imagined a boat doing something like that and the photo sure helped me to understand how it is done. I chuckled when I read the little blurb about you and Wade and how you have become “sea gypsies.” You might have been describing yourselves as such for a long time, but this was the first time that I noticed it.

    • Hi Mike, so nice to get your feedback. It’s relatively easy to keep the yachties interested, but harder to explain life afloat in remote areas to those who don’t sail. So we are glad you enjoyed the article to the end and the photos told the story too. It is funny re-reading this while we are in the tropics!

  2. Great work Chris, you describe the adventures of your journey in the TIE and the places that were visited better than anyone. I’m sure that many more people will be planning to sail to enjoy these wonderful places! 🙂

    • Tasmania is such a delight… a lot more rugged but no crowds, not like up in the tropics, and pristine bays and water. Hope you make it down there. We certainly will be going back in a year or two.

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