Our 2018 Coral Sea Cruise Story is out

For those of you who like to find out about the nitty gritty of our life afloat, our 2018 Coral Sea Cruise story is out. If you can’t set sail on your own boat but are partial to a bit of dreaming, or are gathering ideas for that long awaited voyage, grab a cuppa, relax and enjoy the journey!

Having spent 4 months cruising between latitudes 250S and 200S and covering about 1200 nautical miles, there was so much to write about. This is a large document of 282 pages lavishly illustrated with well over 600 photographs. We hope you enjoy the read and the many images.

Click on the title page below for a quick link to the document or go to our “Cruise Stories/On Board Take It Easy” page.


6 thoughts on “Our 2018 Coral Sea Cruise Story is out

  1. I was enchanted to go over all the article and lovely photos! Thank you Chris! 🙂

  2. I took your advice, got a coffee and sat up, still in bed and spent an enjoyable time reading of your / our adventures. This is a brilliant book Chris, easy to read with the photos complementing the narrative. I look back on our time together with wonder, as you planned our time together exploring our reef and allowed me to enjoy its delights with you. What an wonderful time we had. Thank you both. You had a wonderful 4 months, next year it will continue as you head north again. I know you can’t wait. ⛵️ ❤️

    • Hello Sue – so pleased to get your feedback. Hopefully we are going to have fun south of the ‘border ’ as well for summer, only in a different way. The next winter season will be a full 6 months rather than 4 so probably even better! It is such a special time in our life and one that is nice to share. 💕😻

  3. Hi Chris and Wade, Thanks for taking the time to put together this wonderful compilation. I will be using your notes to plan out my cruise destinations for the next 3 yrs!

    • We would think you already know the area but gratefully accept the compliment, Graham! There is so much to see and experience in this country of ours … we have only scratched the surface of a small region. One thing is for sure: we are all lifelong explorers – that’s the fun of it!

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