Floating around in Moreton Bay

While waiting for all our medical results to come through, we have been floating around in Moreton Bay, a beautiful bay on the Queensland Coast near Brisbane. It is formed by Moreton Island and North Stradbroke Island on the eastern side and the mainland on the western side. With lots of islands and sandbanks it has a lagoon like feel.

It is a great playground for sailing, snorkeling, swimming and fishing. We told you about our escapade to the Tangalooma Wrecks a couple of posts ago, and now we are taking you a little further south along Moreton Island to a couple of big sand dunes.

The highlights of our lazing around there have been the walks up the dunes with magnificent views, catching up with sailing buddy Graham on trimaran Asteroid (we first met him at Curlew Island up north), swimming in clear waters in the company of turtles, and forever hoping to see Dungongs! The low lights are the thousands of sandflies… even poor Bengie got bitten through her fur during her walks ashore!

November is a time for maintenance – medical matters for our bodies and boat upkeep for Take It Easy. All has gone well on the medical front for both of us. Wade remains on six-monthly watch and dodged the dreaded biopsy, and I have a change of insulin medication to the latest and greatest. Let’s hope I soon feel more under control! On the boat front we are about to haul our catamaran out of the water later this week, so she will have a clean bottom and serviced engines for our trip to Lord Howe Island early next year.

10 thoughts on “Floating around in Moreton Bay

  1. I’m glad that you are in good health and already planning your next adventure. Wow! Cool! 🙂

  2. Great news to hear your bodies are standing up to the severe strain of sailing on moreton bay, a nice place to be.

  3. Moreton Bay holds a special place for us as we cut our sailing teeth there earlier this year when we collected our cat from Newport. Glad that you both have a clean bill of health😎
    Thanks for the update..

    • Hi Ross, yes as ‘clean’ a bill of health as we can expect! Now at Boatworks for a few days, then off to play again! Moreton Bay has been nice. ⛵️

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