Au Revoir Take It Easy

Six weeks after we listed her online, Take It Easy is sold. We did well, particularly since there was the festive season in the middle of this period!

A French couple liked her, made a fair offer which we accepted. The survey was conducted earlier this week by Geoff Cruse, the same surveyor who surveyed Anui! He did an in-water survey while she was in her berth at the Gold Coast City Marina, a brief sea trial in the Coomera River, then an out of water check of the hulls at the GCCM slipway. It was a tense day for all of us, but things went well. She passed the survey and sea trial and Take It Easy is now Yann and Cécile’s vessel.

take it easy-1688

Final stage of the survey for Take It Easy – All good!

take it easy-1690

All of us – old and new owners – were nervous!

We will always think dearly of her, but we are relieved she is gone. Owning two boats for a period is not a comfortable thing! We can be totally focused on enjoying Anui without worry in the back of our mind. There is no looking back now!


Our two boats together

tie at gccm-2

Last wash at GCCM on the eve of the handover!

It is pleasing to know Take It Easy will be sailing on far and wide. We said our final farewell to our beloved boat and wished Yann and Cécile well. Who knows, we might share an anchorage one day!

take it easy -1714

Proud new owners!

Here are two of our favourite images:

Take It Easy in the Gippsland Lakes

All  those who have our boat card will know that one!

25 thoughts on “Au Revoir Take It Easy

      • looking forward to it! The news says the Monsoon Season is not here yet, so the weather patterns we were looking for for our Island adventure are going to be later than preferred. We are preparing ourselves for a potential northern and east coast journey only, rather than the circumnavigation we were looking forward to. Time will tell.

  1. I am pleased it all went well. Now it is sailing away on Anui. Congratulations. ⛵️🍾🍷

    • I’m not surprised! We thought we’d be really sad but the move to bigger and better things with Anui makes the sale very sweet and a relief it’s all settled. Onto the next phase now. We hope to stop at Coffs early next week… will be a quick overnight breather on our way to Port Macquarie. We’ll keep you posted and if we can’t catch up on the way down, we will on the way back up.

      • Timing not good for next week. I’m off visiting family in Canberra M to F. If we miss you on the way down, we must surely catch you on the way back up! Hope to see you guys (and Anui) soon!

  2. Great news!! Anui was meant to be!!
    A quick sale but obviously mixed emotions of saying goodbye. And now she’s all French, will they nickname her “Relax”!?!?

    • Hi Waz
      I felt a little pull at the heart strings as I brought her back to the marina for the last time after the survey, but overall what we both feel is relief emotionally and financially, and a sense we can at last fully focus on Anui. They are keeping the name as she is Australian registered and they intend to go o/s after a period of learning to sail her.

    • Yep and you’re best to grab those steady northerlies while they keep blowing! Hopefully see you guys in Feb!

      • Looks like we will leave the Gold Coast on Tuesday with the northerlies. Should be a good run south though, with this new beast of ours. We have to calculate our passages at a different rate now! None of this basing calculations for passage making at 6 or 6.5 knots… more like 9 or 10!

  3. That’s great Chris! Now you don’t have to worry about it, and will dedicate your time to your fantastic Anui! 🙂

  4. And now…..”New views of divine goodness and Love” All the best to you both Lots of love from us both Pam

  5. I guess a tinge of sadness on the sale, but onwards to your new and exciting adventure on Anui. Fair winds.

    • Hi Phil, I think because Anui is such an upgrade and we are already settled on board, we mainly feel relief Take It Easy is sold. We both really loved our 8 years sailing her, as you well know. She was a good boat, had heaps of fun on her and we took care of her. But now we are itching to get on with new adventures on a terrific cat… we hope!

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