On Making Our Mark

It is really hard to make your mark when the boat you have acquired is so aligned to your own taste, so close to what you would choose if you had constructed it yourself. How do you to it? Do you need to do it? Who is making a mark on whom?

These questions keep zooming around in my mind. We felt we made our mark on Take It Easy. We improved her and made her distinctively ours. But with Anui it is much harder because there is not a lot we can improve on or change to make her uniquely ours. She is already distinctive with her classical style, her curvaceous, sexy lines, her speed, her beautiful “tuna blue” colour.


So what do we do to make our mark? We have spent these last two weeks at the dock, lavishing care on Anui so we can enjoy her for many, many years to come. We have focused on improving her safety and longevity. The last post told you about some of that: repairs to the paint work, protection from sun damage, replacement of anything worn or defective (the list lengthened as we went), and other preventative measures. This process has been painstaking. We know it is worth it, but if we have learnt something it is that you should never ever leave your boat on the hard for a year and a half! Anui was starved of TLC during that long period. We have hopefully reversed that!

anui -1683

New signwriting on the bows in our Stingray font

Inside, there was little we needed to do, thankfully. It was simply a matter of adding our own personal touches: favourite photographs printed on metal, cushions that reflect our love of the reef (Kerry Sea Designs are winners), hand made quilts on the beds. Our pussycat Bengie thinks her new home is pretty comfy and so do we.

Anui --1602.jpg

We feel lucky, Wade and I, to not only share this sailing passion, but to be the proud owners of this slender blue boat, this Big Canoe. We know she will reward us for the care we have poured into her. I don’t know that we are making our mark on Anui, but Anui is certainly making her mark on us two! She will propel us in new directions.

We are tantalisingly close to leaving The Boat Works, probably on Thursday or Friday. Painting requires the right conditions and the reconstruction of the anchor hatch frame has taken longer than hoped. We still have a few things to sort out, not the least being the sale of Take It Easy (more on this soon), but we are on the home stretch now.

Over the weekend we will start to head down to Port Macquarie as our shake down sail. It is a good coastal passage of about 250 nautical miles that will enable us to give Anui’s systems a proper run. We are itching to go. Friends Waz and Lisa are expecting us at the end of January for Lisa’s 50th. Lots to celebrate all around!

12 thoughts on “On Making Our Mark

  1. You have so much going on in your life now to be very excited. I’m happy for you Chris! 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to see you both again soon….and of course your new “canoe”.
    And hopefully the weather is kind to help you on your passage.
    How exciting !!!

    • We can’t wait to get away and start having fun. It will be so good to see you both… our first real passage and it is to Port Macquarie!

  3. Oh, it’s so exciting! I’m really looking forward to seeing you both and getting a tour of Anui.
    See you soon on the beautiful Hastings River.
    Lots of love,

  4. I’m sure you will make Anui your ‘own’. Very glad to see the girl knows her place 🐾. Safe travels 😃

  5. Dear Wade and Chris, Happy New Year and Pleasant Boating. Just to let you know that last Saturday morning we had a call from Craig Bishop saying that he and his two kids would like to come around and see us in about 45 mins. Great …we said – that will just give me time to make some rolled oat biscuits, Paul Bishop directed them around and what a lovely morning we had With the 4 of them. Much talk…Caroleena played the piano while they all sang a beautiful modern song we had never heard…oh it was just Lovely. They left in time to go to B’bane for a late lunch with Paul’s family.. we .Hope that they and you two come past again some time.

    I must thank you dear Wade for enlightening me on the first gear on our car. Now I do just what you told me…..just slip the lever left into first gear and then back into automatic….. I am so grateful to you. Wade. For that expert explanation…….no one else has ever Told me.. Lots of love From us both Pam Hugs

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Pam and Frank
      Good to hear you are seeing a few of the Bishops in a short period of time. It is always nice to get together with family. They came to see us on board the new boat too and it was nice they saw where we now live! We will catch up again soon.
      Love- Chris and Wade

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