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Our article “Down the track, how is the life afloat?” was published in the May edition of yachting magazine Cruising Helmsman.

At the time we submitted the article, we were still sailing Take It Easy with no idea we were going to buy Anui. The catamaran might have changed, but our reflections about living on a boat remain the same: it has its ups and downs yet we would not choose any other way of life. So in our usual fashion, we relate our experience of life afloat, warts and all.

To read the article, click on the link here or go to our Published Page, Practical Section.

10 thoughts on “Published in Cruising Helmsman

  1. What a wonderful article, Chris. I like the way that you were able to strike a balance between the obvious joys of your lifestyle on the water and the significant challenges and potential obstacles. I was intrigued especially by your description of the power requirements and how you meet them–it is something I had never thought about before.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Mike. Life afloat is all a balancing act. There are times as you know when it is extremely frustrating but overall the fun and adventure keep us smiling and wanting to keep doing it!

  2. Great article, Chis. Congratulations! After reading it I see that you really have busy days, every day! Keep up with the fun and joy… 🙂

    • Hi H.J. – yes even on trouble free days, there is always things to attend to and we get into a nice little routine of beach walks, swim or snorkel, socialising with other yachties and just having fun. It is a lovely lifestyle.

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