Oases Under the Sea Published

Our photo book, ‘Oases under the sea’ is published! This book focuses on the superb marine life we have had the privilege to observe during several years of cruising and snorkeling in the southern and central parts of the Great Barrier Reef.

This is not just a book of underwater photographs, although with close to 200 high resolution images, you will get a virtual dive among these veritable oases under the sea! It is also a compilation of the research we did with lots of interesting facts about the marine creatures which mesmerised us.

Two options to access our good work!

Through Albumworks

We have used Albumworks to publish this book as we have had good experiences with this company. Click on the image below to access the preview, then on Open to flip through the pages. You can view the book and can purchase it through Albumworks if you are so inclined.

However we have not produced this book to sell it, this would be way too expensive for most people. We have created it as a beautiful reference for ourselves, because when photos stay on our computer, we don’t often look at them, but a photo book entices us to leaf through it and relive those incredible moments.

Through our PDF Proof

For those interested in a free alternative way of accessing our book, here is a PDF copy of the proof we made. It is a large file, but you can download it by clicking on the image below or going to our Cruise Stories page – Sailing Anui section.

We hope you enjoy reading this 180 page book in whatever format you choose, as much as we relished taking and developing the photos and doing the research.

24 thoughts on “Oases Under the Sea Published

  1. Congratulations on the new book, Chris and Wade. I downloaded the pdf and did a quick scan of it. I happened to come across of the Lemon Damsel swimming against the mass of other fish and couldn’t help but smile. The colors of the fish and the coral are simply stunning. I am amazed too at the sheer variety of fish species that you were able to photograph.

  2. Well done Chris…not just a pretty face….but one behind the lens taking amazing pics !!

  3. Hi Chris and Wade. Congratulations. Great book, I plan to buy one. But I’ll have to pay you another visit so you can both sign it. I was a little disappointed it didn’t include my special underwater photographs from Tangalooma. 🙂 Haha….. Apart from that the photos are amazing!!!

    • Hey Grant …. do you mean the special bottoms of the sea ?! Nah – afraid Tangalooma is not in the GBR 😁. Enjoy the book, we are flattered you are getting the professional version. And do come up here so we can autograph it!

  4. Wow Chris & Wade! You’ve done a great job with this book. Vast amount of research too. Well done! Bossas

    • Hi Amanda, thanks for the feedback. It means a lot to us, especially coming from another enthusiast snorkeler and underwater photographer! 😍

  5. Thanks Mick. We have just published this book and already we are thinking about the next as we discover more fish and coral … So much to explore!

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