Keppel Magic Published

Every six months we spend time at the Keppels and for years I have been meaning to write about these beautiful, varied and scenic isles. Finally I put pen to paper and Australian Multihull World has published our article Keppel Magic in their September/October edition! It is actually funny seeing it published as we are back at the Keppels right now!

Whether you like bush walks, scenic anchorages or snorkeling, you will find something to your taste in the Keppels. We reveal our favourites here. To read the article, click on the image below or go to our Published Page/Destinations Section. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Keppel Magic Published

  1. The isles are simply a paradise waiting to be enjoyed. Good article, Chris. 🙂

  2. I have just been to Keppel Is. Never been there before. Thankyou for the trip…….it must be very beautiful…….I loved how you spoke of the very clear water up there….You know that is what Anita & Greg love about Greece…the clear water and of course no sharks!

    And they are selling their boat ……they just decided while on this last trip that they have seen so much over there they advertised it and an Aussie went over and looked at it and the sale is in progress. They arrived home last Monday……lovely to have them home again.

    Well darlings enjoy your trip and thank you for sharing. Lots of love from us both.

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