Reef Hopping 2019 Story

After spending six months in tropical North Queensland we are reflecting on the fantastic time we had. In previous years, when we were holiday cruising, we used to document a journal of our forays. But now that cruising is our life, we keep track of our voyaging via our blog posts – a kind of diary of our sailing life. However our 2019 wanderings at the Great Barrier Reef are something well worth writing about separately. So this year we are doing this differently: not a day by day chronicle of our travels, but a guide of sorts of the places we discovered.

Reef Hopping 2019 is all about our time at the Reef: how we went about finding spots to explore, how we managed with the weather, anchoring and mooring, where we went, the beautiful snorkeling we did and the odd creatures we came across. And of course it would not be a sv-anui story without the best of the many photos we took both above and under the surface. How else do we share the sense of wonder we felt?!

To download the story, click on the image above or go to our Cruise Stories/Sailing Anui page.

We hope you will enjoy the wonder around the Reef through our eyes. Do give us your feedback. It is always nice to get your reactions.

4 thoughts on “Reef Hopping 2019 Story

  1. This is a great synopsis of your adventures on the reefs. The photos are magnificent. I liked the way you went from reef to reef, just like you are on board with you.

    • I am glad you like it Sue, a different way to document that hopefully makes it more appealing than a day by day journal. Let’s hope you share some more exploring next year with us!

  2. Hi Chris, Thoroughly researched and beautifully presented. Essential for any intending reef hoppers.

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