Trying Times

It is the time of year when we turn our attention towards maintenance: our own and Anui‘s!

We spent nearly a week at Mooloolaba for a medical overhaul, initially anchored in the Duck Pond. This is when we are reminded that Anui is much bigger than our old Take It Easy and needs a lot more room! We could not cope with slip sliding at anchor in the Duck Pond and being awfully close to other boats; so we bit the bullet and got a marina berth – one less thing to worry about, because we have a fair bit on our mind!

From the Duck Pond (Hello Temptress) …
To the Marina!

Health Management

When you live on a boat permanently, it takes a fair bit of organisation to attend to all things medical. Specialists’ appointments are handled through Skype consults but for anything else like skin cancer checks, GP, pathology, dentist, we have made Mooloolaba are medical base and now stop there every six months.

So how did we fare with the health issues? Well, a bit average! We both had bits of skin burnt off and each have to attend to follow-ups on matters we did not expect… For Wade, it is gut related and happens on 20/11. For me it’s sun damage on my nose which will get attended to later! And as we expected, Wade’s specialist wants him to have a biopsy in January. My specialist was not impressed either, but nothing that more exercise and more insulin can’t fix!

To The Boat Works

With some of the health matters dealt with, we sailed straight to the Gold Coast on Thursday, an 85 nm passage. After a 4.30 am departure, the off watch crew took a nap underway!

We took the ocean route on the outside of Moreton and Stradbroke Islands, sailed well and arrived at Southport at 5.00pm to anchor behind our friends on Sengo.

Photo of us arriving at Southport
by Trish Ebert from Sengo
Anchoring behind Sengo

Anui got hauled out at The Boat Works on Monday 4th November and it will be worked on for a week or two. It is always a tense time when your boat is lifted out of the water, but she goes up on the sea lift, a treatment reserved for big cats, rather than being dangled up in the air in a cradle!

About to get lifted out on the Sea Lift
And she is out!

Family Worries

And now for the greatest source of concern: the state of health of my Dad. He is very unwell and was hospitalised recently. He is now unable to live on his own at home and has been moved to a nursing home – his worse nightmare. It is very sad, very scary and very stressful for him, my sister and me. Cancer is horrible, and even though we all know there will be no happy ending, his deterioration is hard to take. So now I need to fly back to France to be with him. It is always ominous when you book a one way ticket… I don’t know how long I will be away. I will be abandoning Wade and Bengie and catching a plane later this month. While I am overseas, Wade will sail the boat to Melbourne, hopefully with crew to help him.

So friends and followers, that’s our news. We have a few difficult weeks ahead.

31 thoughts on “Trying Times

  1. You can really see how big she is when in dry dock! Gorgeous boat guys. I will pray for your travels and your father, my friend. Be well. ❤️

  2. I hope all goes well at Boatworks and nothing unexpectant arises. Did your Dad get a home near Vero? Stay well

  3. Sorry to hear about your Dad. I have been through this myself and it is not easy. I hope Wade’s health problems improve as well and that you can get back to life at sea as soon as possible. Thinking of you in these trying times.

  4. All the best with your Dad. Anui is looking great. She has found the best new owners! Love your blogs. Cheers, Craig.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear that your dad’s illness has advanced for the worse. He’ll be happy to see you there with him. Be strong my friend…

  6. Very sorry to hear of it. As you wrote no good resolution but a peaceful passing. All the best to you & let Wade know that I can help with crewing if needed (probably)

    • Thanks Don, nice of you to comment and offer help. We have another yachtie lined up for Wade for the Melbourne leg, so at least that’s sorted.

  7. ‘Love the photo of the off watch crew! Glad you got up safely, it is a ‘tad’ windy out here at the moment. Hugs from around the corner. See you next week! xx

    • Very windy perched on the hard stand… the boat is shaking! See you next week you… We will be here for a while: sail drive off for repairs in Brisbane!Everything else is going like clockwork!

      • Oh c**p to the sail drive (Andrew says (tongue in cheek ) ‘you have to love this Italian technology’ We just hope it takes less time than our Italian part was going to take to get to us). We have seen 35 plus knots here, we have a lee shore (very close) and until we pulled some chain in we had 0.2m under the transducer with a dropping tide of 0.8m! The bridle came off in the middle of that and the end is about to chafe through….Oh and there is a crab pot that is floating towards us…. We are moving tomorrow……

  8. We feel your pain Lyn’s dad in similar circumstances in W’gong not as far away as your dad. They say we supposed to grow older gracefully not painfully. Hope all goes well for you both.

  9. Good luck with all the maintenance both boat and people related. I hope your dad is as comfortable as can be.

    • Thanks guys. The boat stuff is progressing well. As for my Dad at least he can be looked after and is safe. But he is extremely sad and so are we.

  10. My your adventure has been wonderful my thoughts are with you in the next few months love to both

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