Looking back and looking ahead!

2019 was such as fantastic year for us for cruising and photography, for taking a few risks and pushing our boundaries. It really does make for an exciting future and this year, 2020, we will continue pushing the envelope!

A look back at 2019

So first of all, let’s look back at 2019: a new boat we are so proud of, which came with its large maintenance bill but then so much fun, cruising further north than we had been before, spending 6 months up at the Great Barrier Reef, learning so much about our precious marine life, loved ones on board to share the excitement, two trips to France to spend precious time with my Dad and sister. Here are our favourite images from the past twelve months.

JANUARY – We said goodbye to Take It Easy and moved onto Anui
FEBRUARY – Let’s go!
MARCH – spending time with Papa… in his brand new car, enjoying life while he can!
APRIL – big wheel, big hopes
MAY – Phil, our first visitor on Anui
JUNE – Island Hopping in the Southern Whitsundays
JULY – Having fun at the reef with Sue
AUGUSTParadise found at coral cays
SEPTEMBER – Reef Hopping in crystal clear waters
OCTOBER – the last of the Reef Hopping for the year!
NOVEMBER – Maintenance time at the Boat Works
DECEMBER – Christmas with my Dad and sister

Looking at 2020

2020 will be a year of dealing with what comes, making fluid plans that might be drastically changed, responding to family needs, but not waiting.

Waiting scares us… waiting for the inevitable, waiting for sad things to happen, waiting and in the meantime feeling limited, frustrated and unhappy. So there will be no waiting, just enjoying life as it evolves, continuing to explore, continuing to wake up and feel like a 5 year old. When you are 5 years old everything is wonderful, nothing is impossible. You just look ahead. So that’s the plan! There may be a trip to Lord Howe, there will be a return to France, there may be a return to the Reef. There will be strong joy, intense sorrow, there will be life lived to the full.

19 thoughts on “Looking back and looking ahead!

  1. Hi Guys, it was a big year for you – all the best for this new year. We are on our way to Tassie for summer and have just re-read some of your cruising guides as we pass through the Furneaux Group. Hope to cross paths with you again at some stage.

  2. Happy New Year Anui! Look forward to catching up in 2020 … on (& under) the water. Bossa

  3. Great synopsis of 2019, a year of fun and adventure but tinged with grief and sadness too. I guess that is what life is like some years. I hope you have decided not to go to the lakes just now particularly as it will be a stinker on Sat & Sun

    • Hi Sue – we are staying put at Williamstown for a week or two then probably the Prom and back here for early Feb for Wade. After that we will see where things are at.

  4. You’ve had mainly a wonderful year; it’s great to have the opportunity to “share” it with you !
    May 2020 also be one to be excited about, and be one to treasure. All the best in health and experience !

  5. Happy New Year Chris and Wade, love the photo’s Chris they always tell a story.

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