"On the Outer" Published

We are delighted that Australian Multihull World has published our article “On the Outer” in their March/April edition.

Seeing our work in print, both the story and the images, is always a thrill. This one is particularly sweet because the article covers one of the most exciting explorations in our cruising experience: our time at the Great Barrier Reef.

Some of you will notice that a similar article appeared in Cruising Helmsman in January, which was a bit of a mix up: originally not accepted, then published after all without warning, but illustrated with the wrong images! So this publication is the way the article was intended. To download it, click on the image below. You will also find it on our Published Page/Amazing Experiences section. Enjoy the read.

11 thoughts on “"On the Outer" Published

    • Hi John – thanks for that! We are well, just wish we could get back to the reef and add a few more good reef discoveries to the list!
      How are you managing?

  1. Wonderful article, Christine. It was fascinating to read about each of the reefs that you highlighted and how they are each different in terms of the terrain, the water depth, and the kinds of fish to be found.

      • I especially like the fact, Chris, that you posted information that was enjoyable and entertaining for us spectators and also practical information for those who might actually venture to these spots. That kind of balance can be difficult to achieve, but I thought you pulled it off really well. Hope all is well as you wait out this crisis. (You and Wade have shown yourselves to be remarkably resilient, since you have had to deal with a series of issues in the recent past.)

      • Oh Mike, many thanks for this feedback. The magazines I write for have a mixed audience: those who sail as a hobby and those who dream of it. So it is a juggling act to appeal to this mixed readership.
        The Reef is precious and sharing its wonder is important so people who might not be able to see it themselves can get an understanding. It helps in conservation efforts. You protect what you love!
        As for your comment on resilience, we just keep our lifestyle choice firmly in mind and keep going!

  2. Congratulations, Chris! This is great, it will lift your spirit to make you feel better. The quarantine must be making you uneasy. We all are in the same situation. Please take care, my friend. 🙂

    • Hi HJ, always good to be published… Yes although living in isolation is not new to us, this has a very different feel… We can only wait and keep our distance.

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