A week in Port Macquarie

We have enjoyed being anchored in the Hastings River, able to spend time ashore each day with our friends Warrick & Lisa. They have spoiled us with delicious home cooked meals, let us take over their laundry, warm ourselves in front of their fire, luxuriate in their hot tub and they have been great company.

And with the birds and beautiful plants in their garden, the macro lens had to come out! It’s always amazing to discover a level of detail through the lens that you cannot see with the naked eye.

Borders opening and shutting

We have noticed with concern that some people behave as if the pandemic is over. Social distancing looks more like social crowding! But things are far from being back to normal. With the Melbourne spike in COVID-19 cases, the border between Victoria and New South Wales is now closed with some suburbs in hard lockdown! Yet just when we thought our hopes of getting to Queensland were surely dashed, the NSW/Queensland border is opening today July 10 to all except those who have been in Victoria in the last two weeks. We are lucky, we have been out of Victoria for five weeks and hope to be able to get into Queensland shortly. We will fill out the required online border declaration when we are ready to go and won’t breathe easy until we are through! With the crisis intensifying and lockdown measures re-instituted, we certainly can’t drop our guard and become complacent or reckless.

Sailing off again!

For now, we are on the move again. Tuesday, the weather was right to leave Port Macquarie, this time with company! A very excited Lisa decided to accompany us to Coffs Harbour for a small two day escape. Poor Waz had to work and came to pick her up on Thursday morning! We had a very cruisy sail on our first day with an overnight stop at Trial Bay. Just for something to do before sunset, Wade was changing a mangled impeller and clearing blocked strainers too – it never stops!

Leaving Port Macquarie all rugged up
Lisa taking it easy in the nets!
Goose winged!
Sunset over the hinterland from Trial Bay

The second day was dark and moody with a forecast of 80% chance of rain, yet we managed to avoid most of it! The whales were active as is often the case on rougher days, much to Lisa’s delight.

Sailing under moody and threatening skies
Lots of whales breaching, not too far away!
This whale was waving at us repeatedly!
Competing for the highest jump!
…and the noisiest water bomb!
Diving down for a while!
Coming into Coffs Harbour

Back just the two of us and Bengie, we are staying in Coffs for a few days while the northerlies are blowing. Would you believe there is also more maintenance? Yap, this time the bracket for the alternator… broken, new one being made today!

27 thoughts on “A week in Port Macquarie

  1. OM Gosh, such beautiful photography! How wonderful of your friends to have you there like that too. There are virus spikes here too, I say it’s because ignorant people are behaving as though this is all over. Just like you said, shame on these selfish, ignorant people. I hope your alternator is repaired soon! Be safe and well. 🙏🏻😎

  2. Thanks folks, we’re up the Currumbene Creek near Huskisson waiting for the East Coast Low and it’s after effects to pass before we proceed. We’ve already noticed the temperatures increase cf Victoria. Cheers, Bas.

    • Good to hear you are underway and out of Victoria. Phew! Yes it does not take long to warm up a bit. We are probably going to be in Yamba/Iluka for the East Coast Low.

  3. Very good pictures, Chris. Enjoy yourself with all your friends! Take care. 🙂

  4. A timely escape from Vic & the all too many idiots. wish we were with you. Don, Lorraine & Catnap

  5. Poor Waz got a great surf in this morning though….before the Northerly came through. Great to see you both; sundowners, lovely meals together and your great company. Awesome photos Chris. Happy journey North and speak soon. XXXX Waz (and Lisa)

      • Ooooh ….. we’ve just remembered great meals on your boat, like Wazzas sashimi and Claire’s mousaka and your amazing hospitality! Hey, we’ll be in Cornwall in a few weeks, why not sail up and say hello? They apparently have surf there Wade ….

      • Yeah, good one! We might be a fast boat, but not that fast… and we have to first dodge an East Coast Low! Remember them?

  6. Rainbow-colored birds, bees on flowers, jumping whales, sunsets over the water–what a joy it must be for you to capture such beauty as the world continues in turmoil. It is also gratifying, Chris, to hear that you had a chance to relax and enjoy the company of friends and some of the luxuries of land life, like hot tubs and roaring fires. Of course, no posting would be complete without a bit repair required, which seems to be part of your everyday life. I am managing to learn a bit about the geography of Australia as I try to track your adventures and figure out, for example, where Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland are in relationship to each other.

    • Reading your comment Mike makes us realise how incredibly lucky we are to experience nature at its best, while so many people are struggling.
      It also reminds me I should include a map from time to time! Thanks for the hint 😊 and for taking interest in our weekly progress.

      • Like most Americans, Chris, I am not really good at world geography–my knowledge is somewhat limited for anything other than the US and Europe. Maps are definitely useful, but Google is always there and, for example, it was easy to learn about Port Macquarie. 🙂

  7. Loved the whales and your other beautiful pics. Good to see you had such a grand time in Port. Yamba sounds a good place to shelter from the low and is a good hop off to Qld. You are allowed in there now. Do you have to get permission like the drivers do?

    • We are currently motor sailing to Yamba and have our passes for Queensland. We will be there soon! Thought we’d better hurry along before the QLD border closes again with all the infected Mexicans from down south… not to mention the East Coast Low!

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