A taste of life afloat

Our cousins Grant & Debbie have been with us for a few days and getting a taste of what life afloat is like. It is a joyful and carefree time, a time to get acquainted with the boat, relax, chat, enjoy each other’s company and get in the swing of things.

Grant at the wheel

While the wind was blowing hard, we spent time at the northern end of Hook Island. It was a good opportunity for Grant and Debbie to test out their new snorkeling gear in protected waters.

Even though the visibility was ordinary, the corals were interesting. It is the textures more than the fish that caught our attention.

But then on Thursday we got a short window to get to the Outer Reef: a first for them! We had a nice sail to Bait Reef, arrived bright and early to grab a mooring in the prime spot, had the welcoming committee of batfish and giant trevally waiting for us. And as the tide dropped and the sun got higher in the sky, the splendour of the reef colours became clearer and brighter. Wow, what a place…. we never tire of it.

Bait Reef and the Stepping Stones
Moored on the edge of the reef
The welcoming committee at Bait Reef
Off they go!

We had Bait Reef to ourselves, spent a calm day there and a night lit up by the full moon. This is a world away from the troubles that weigh everybody down. There is a lot to be said for being in an environment where life is simpler, you are surrounded by nature, can escape and enjoy the wonders the reef offers. Here are some highlights. To view each image in full screen slide show, click on the first and arrow across.

Stay tuned for more adventures of the intreprid foresome!

12 thoughts on “A taste of life afloat

  1. Glad your guests have settled in soo well and you are all having a great time together exploring the reef. Love the shots of the reef. The bat fish bring back memories, I love them.

    • Hi Sue, it is fun to do a mix f things the guys don’t often get a chance to experience. The reef was new to them, the Batfish playing under the boat, the snorkeling seemingly in the middle of the ocean, and today the wild ride back to the island doing 9s and 10s with Grant at the wheel having a ball… lots of “incoming” calls!

  2. I love the fish photos, Chris, but it was the coral shots that really grabbed my attention. The textures, colors, and patterns were endlessly fascinating.

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