Afloat in Lockdown published

We submitted ‘Afloat in Lockdown‘ to Australian Multihull World at the height of the first round of COVID-19 lockdown back in April. The magazine paused its publications for a few months and is restarting this month. Our article features. We thought the pandemic restrictions would have eased by now in Australia, but with the second wave of infections many people are experiencing tougher lockdown than ever before.

Life afloat is not vastly different from life in lockdown! In this story we share how we have personally managed through these challenging times. To read the article, click on the image below or go to our Published Page/Practical Section.

15 thoughts on “Afloat in Lockdown published

  1. Testament to your great articles and pics!!
    Hope you’re enjoying the Whitsundays

  2. What a wonderful article, Chris. I really like the way that you emphasized the importance of attitude in dealing with consequences of the pandemic. It was fun reading how you deal so positively with the realities of living in your self-described “gilded cage.” 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback Mike, we are privileged though with this life and lucky to be retired. Being used to isolation is an advantage, but your attitude is really important to your wellbeing.

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