New Cruise Story Added

What do we do when the Big Wet sets in and we can’t get off the boat? Relive the best of our adventures in 2020, sort through hundreds of photographs that capture this best and then get working on putting together a summary!

So after three weeks of rain, we are delighted to post our 2020 Cruise Story, focusing on our Reef Explorations in the Capricorn and Bunker Group and offshore of the Whitsunday Islands.

You will find this on our Cruise Stories/ Sailing Anui Page, or you can click on the image below and follow the link.

For those of you who are virtual crew members, our wish is that you will enjoy the journey and will be reminded of how precious the Great Barrier Reef is. And we hope the yachties among our followers find the summary useful. We like nothing better than readers telling us they are using our cruise stories as reference for their own adventures. So leave us a comment here to let us know what you think!

18 thoughts on “New Cruise Story Added

  1. Friday afternoon, Southern Highlands, NSW. How does one say ‘thank you’. Have just taken a quick journey thru’ the incredible wonderland you have presented here. Parts of my country I have never seen and most probably never shall . . . except thru’ your eyes. Methinks I was born a ‘newshound’ and always seem to need to know what is happening wherever around the world . . . after ‘being part’ of yesterday created by monsters seen and unseen methinks it is time to take some hours off during the weekend to come, do a retro-sail with you two and Bengie naturally to the reefs and absorb something eternally beautiful . . . what you have posted us is naturally history for you but such a wonderful experience for us . . .

    • What a nice comment, Eha, you’ve made our day. Writing the journal, reliving the experience is good solace for us too. God knows we need some sanity in this crazy world! And a huge thank you for sharing the story among your friends.

  2. This is a great guide; part pilot, part rutter and part a good yarn.

    Can I share it?

  3. Sorry, I think my comment went missing.

    This is well presented and read so well, part pilot and part rutter, and no doubt a great asset to cruisers.

  4. We love following all your travels, seeing the fantastic sights and gaining insights from them, and the recounts of practical boat life and work, to help us with our own cruising. Particularly as we were a bit too slow at getting moving last winter and were locked down 😦 Safe sailing and thanks Bryn & Kerry (now Nautilus II, and heading down to Tassie next week, we hope.

    • Hi guys – long time since we first met… was it Refuge cove? Really nice to hear you enjoy the adventures. Have fun in Tassie … we might get back there next year! Thanks for saying hello.

  5. Hello, finally finished your latest post. it was a great summary of your travels last year. You experienced magnificent parts of the reef, what a privilege. I hope you get to see more later on when you have finished at Boatworks, I hope all goes well and everything gets fixed.

    • Hi Sue, glad you had a chance to read through the latest cruise story. Hopefully there is a lot more to discover in a few months and maybe you will be able to join us.

  6. HI Chris & Wade This posting went into our gmail promotions inbox and not the regular one like your normal blogs, only just found it. Once again wow, for both words and pictures. This has the makings of a ‘how to book’ in terms of sailing the GB reef or a coffee table book with all the amazing colour photos! It’s easy to see why you guys are reef junkies. Anyway, your posts are a blessing to us snow bound landlubbers 10,000 miles to the north of your amazing playground! Take care! Elgar

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