A candid look at the Sea Wanderer’s Life

Many people ask us what living full time on a boat is ‘really‘ like. In this article published by Australian Multihull World in their March/April 2021 magazine, we give a few hints! In our usual fashion, we share our impressions, warts and all, of how we experience life as sea wanderers.

To read the article, click on the image opposite or go to our Published Page – Practical section. Whether you are cruising on your own boat, travelling with us vicariously or dreaming of casting off one day, we hope you enjoy the read and look forward to your feedback. Feel free to ask us any question we have not answered too or share your own experience!

10 thoughts on “A candid look at the Sea Wanderer’s Life

  1. You tackled a complicated subject really well, Chris. I like the way that you organized the article and balanced your coverage of the challenges as well as the benefits of your wandering lifestyle. I particularly enjoyed the section you called “Rhythms,” your rough equivalent to the schedules that rule most of our lives. Your narrative writing style made this very easy and engaging to read. Your photos did a wonderful job in adding visual interest to the points you were making. It must have been tough choosing which ones to use–you regularly feature so many stunning images.

  2. The best Easter ‘read’ I am likely to encounter ~ A great description of a way of life which makes total sense to me. Bar sailing on Sydney Harbour have always been a landlubber, but . . . were I younger, with a like-minded partner and the financial resources and less of a fear of Nature’s angry moods . . . I would happily leave much of the crazynesses of our world aside and live with and learn from nature . . . good luck and good sailing and may the days to come be fair . . .

    • Thanks Eha. It is ironic that as we publish the article we are battered by foul weather repeatedly. Mother Nature is totally in charge and is holding us on the spot for a while longer.

  3. I really enjoyed your article Chris. Beautifully expressed as always. We are presently reorganising everything aboard, playing ultimate tetris with the contents of each locker. On land one never needs to balance the weight across both sides of the house!

    • Hi guys, so nice to get your comment! Yes, organising everything and knowing where it is hidden is a challenge. And you periodically empty everything out and start again! Hope all is good for the four of you and we meet up somewhere on the reef.

  4. Great read Chris! Makes me want to get back to our boat. We don’t live aboard all year round so maybe we have the best of both worlds – land and sea. In some ways it’s trickier to navigate our two lives with two abodes. The first month or so of each is truly a transitioning time as we often ‘forget’ the little things. Perhaps that’s more about age! But there is one thing that triumphs in both and that’s friendship. We have made so many new friends on the water and we always look forward to reconnecting when we return. We will catch up somewhere! Bossa

    • Really nice to get your comment, Amanda. I can well imagine the transitioning phase is a period of adjustment. Our period of adjustment is moving from protected waters with easy access to shore facilities to life on the move in more remote cruising areas! Can’t wait to get going again and we are both looking forward to sharing an anchorage with Bossa Nova.

  5. Hi Chris and Wade, very practical and informative article for the newbie or more experienced. I am currently cruising lake Macquarie with Neville on his tri.

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