Getting cranky!

Nine weeks stuck in Mackay and we are still waiting. As a friend said, patience is an overrated virtue. We are getting cranky!

Sometimes things happen for a reason, and sometimes we don’t know what that reason is! Yes we are in the water and it is somewhat easier, but no we still can’t move because we are waiting for parts that should have been ordered weeks ago.

Mind you, we see an endless procession of yachts on Marine Traffic (and that’s just the pink ones with AIS) sailing north and we think maybe it’s just as well we are stuck in Mackay because crowded waterways would only frustrate us even more! We have absolutely no desire to share an anchorage with 30 other boats. Let’s hope that when we finally take off, we can reap the rewards for taking the plunge and heading for the remote reefs.

What are we up to?

We have spent hours this week in the engine bays re-plumbing the water maker and the bilge pumps, hours on hands and knees cleaning the decks and cockpit and polishing the topsides, hours laundering the couch cushion covers and cleaning inside to get rid of fibreglass dust, hours re-sealing a leaky hatch, days waiting for parts and getting more and more dejected.

We are so close and yet so far. It has been hard to contain our annoyance with the delays and the general lack of a sense of urgency among the trades. Chris has blown a gasket a few times, even cool head Wade’s temper is getting frayed.

The electrician finally finished his job: he lengthened the battery cables which is needed because the engines are back to front, he upgraded the way the house battery and house alternator are connected, plugged the engine controls to the harness, engine fans and blowers and whatever else needed to be connected…

So the last thing we are waiting on are the risers for the exhausts. After chasing Mackay Marine Services repeatedly we have just heard that the long awaited parts have arrived at Yanmar Melbourne, and should get to Mackay on Monday next week. Then it’s a matter of the guys installing and testing everything. Maybe just maybe we will be out of here at the end of next week.

Until then, thank god for a few interludes with cruising buddies from Wet Bar, Intoxicat, Clair de Lune and Medina to keep our sanity and be able to vent!

One member of the crew is quite chilled out: with all that wet stuff around the boat, Bengie is not keen on jumping ashore but is however getting into our herb garden… a bit partial to the chives! And she is an expert at finding the sunny spots for a snooze. What a contrast to the human crew!

22 thoughts on “Getting cranky!

  1. Medina? Your old Medina or another?
    We were two days late leaving for a 10 week road trip & are still stuck in Melbourne

    • Absolutely LOVED the photos of Bengie. Thank you for including them, Chris. Don’t be too cranky … things could be worse, you could be locked down here in Melbourne where our top temperature today is 13 degrees. Brrrrr. At least you have sunshine and blue skies up where you are. Cheers, Mary.

      • Hi Mary it feels like we have been in lockdown for over two months, but hopefully we are nearing the end of it. Glad you like the shots of Bengie. She has been having fun! Hope you are managing on your own. Thinking of you and Mick.

  2. Wow, guys, I can only imagine your frustration! Maybe trying to be more like Bengie will help? I hope you cast the lines very soon! 🙏🏻😎🇦🇺

  3. Hi Chris and Wade. I don’t know if Wade would remember me I was in a marina (not sure which one) and Wade was astern of me and by himself. I am a bit concerned about the engine installation in way of the exhaust system. I don’t understand why they need a riser for the exhaust. I am a marine engineer and my last job before retirement was with a Yanmar dealer. Would love to talk to you about this.

    • Hi Scott, must have been at Batemans Bay or Williamstown. Wade can’t recall, sorry!

      The Yanmar installer says we need the risers! The reason is because our engines are below the waterline; we need a minimum drop between the engine exhaust and the wet box. The installer normally would use a long thin wet box but the only available one was a short squat one which failed to meet the minimum distance hence the need for a riser. Anyway it is on its way now and should be installed next week!

  4. Oh my!! 9 weeks trumps our record of 7 weeks! (but there were two of them, and they were both waiting for parts (and in slightly cooler ‘corners’ of the country)). With your genes I’m surprised I can’t hear your gasket blowing from here! 😄 We feel for you. Yes, I think the moto of this year is to definitely take the ‘waterway less travelled!’ Xxx

    • Hi Trish, yes we recall your experience in Tassie! At least it is warm and sunny here. We are nearly through but it has been a huge frustration… not the way we expected to spend half our time in the tropics!

  5. I am sorry to hear of the lack of urgency from the trades, seems to be something they teach them when they do their apprenticeship. Re the number of boats, the plus side for us is that Moreton Bay seem to have been evacuated, we were out for 10 days and only anchored 1 night with another vessel in what are usually very populated anchorages.

    • Hi Peter, enjoy the emptiness of Moreton Bay! There is something really special when you can float around in beautiful surroundings on your lonesome. A rare thing these days. We hope to soon enjoy the peace and quiet at the Reef!

  6. I love your posts in places we can’t be at the moment. You are in a magic spot enjoy what you have. Glad your baby knows the best spot. Beautiful.

  7. The important thing is that you two are frustrated but healthy. Be strong and have a bit more of patience, things will go easier. You’ll see! Take care… 🙂

  8. Hi Chris and Wade,
    You have have had a rough trot but you’ll soon be away.
    Not crowded up here at Lockhart river.

  9. I think that Bengie has the right approach and just love that final photo of her snoozing in the sun. It is not wonder that you would be feeling cranky, Chris, because you are stuck in a situation over which you have almost no control. It seems to me that one of the main virtues of your chosen lifestyle is the freedom to move about, to set your own course, and that freedom has been taken from you these past few months. It is understandably maddening to be that close to the end of the ordeal, but still not there yet. Hopefully things will work out and you will be back on your way before too much longer.

    • Thanks Mike for your understanding and support. You really get us and it helps. We are now on our way to the outer reef. Have enjoyed seeing whales and heading out. It has been a long stretch of inaction but we are through!

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