Released from captivity

Some good news at long last, we are released from boatyard captivity and have recovered our freedom! Anui is repowered, tested and has been given the all clear to go.

The engines were connected and we turned them on for the first time on Monday after Jim from Mackay Marine Services finished installing the exhausts. Everything was checked. Wade reconnected the bilge pumps. The boat was fully provisioned, everything on board clean, shiny and ship shape. We had our sea trial on Tuesday morning, which went well. Jim pushed the engines to max -11.5 knots speed, complete with rooster tails! We got back to our berth, dropped Jim off. Wade could not resist doing a boat wash down. We finally cast the mooring lines by noon. Phew!!

Whales straight away!

We left Mackay after a hard, expensive and mind numbing 10 weeks’ stretch out of action. We know we have been whinging for a while and in the current environment with many of our Australian followers in lockdown, a few of you thought we should consider ourselves lucky. Let us just say that it is absolutely no fun nor lucky being stuck in a shipyard for 10 weeks, but we are grateful we finally can get away. The weather is smiling on us and granting us our wish: to escape to the Outer Reef.

We felt a huge sense of relief. Our plan is to stay offshore for several weeks, or as long as the weather allows. We have this overwhelming need to escape and spend time in our happy place: aqua clear ocean, reef anchorage, no one but the chosen few around. We met up with two other catamarans we are friends with, Oceaneer and Clair de Lune, at Scawfell Island and took off the next morning. Because we will be between 60 and 100nm offshore, internet coverage is patchy.

Arrival at Scawfell Island
Leaving Scawfell Island – Oceaneer is ahead of us
Clair de Lune behind us
Our aquamarine dreamthe three cats at Credlin Reefs

We have scheduled several posts to keep in touch: this one about our departure, the next about our immediate cruising plans, the third about one of Chris’s articles currently running in Australian Multihull World. So there won’t be total quietness from sv-anui. Do stay in touch though and send us your likes and comments. We may not respond immediately, but we do appreciate receiving them. If you enjoy our posts, tell us in the comments please, it is much more encouraging to us than silence!

44 thoughts on “Released from captivity

  1. Searched for you on marinetraffic two days ago. Very pleased, in the nicest possible way, that you wont be at the marina when we turn up. See you out on the water.xx

  2. Yay! I’m so happy for you guys! The engines, props make a rooster tail now, wow! Enjoy your time guys, you deserve it big time!! Be safe. 😎🇦🇺

  3. It must be brilliant to have spanking new engines and drives, and sparkling clean engine bays. You will soon forget the 10 weeks in the yard. Love your posts, keep them coming! Just because I don’t comment every time, doesn’t mean I don’t read them!! I’m sure others are the same. Best blog ever!

    • Your comments always make us smile, Craig. Thanks for saying hello. A couple of weeks of running the engines in but all good and brilliant to spend time at the reef!

  4. So happy for you. I was starting to get frustrated on your behalf in the end. Enjoy the rest of the winter cruising season. With those new engines you might as well just keep going around the north of Australia and end up in WA. Should only take a couple of weeks. LOL.

    • Hey Phil, shame we have to be back in Mackay for bits and pieces and first service, but we escaped to new spots at the outer reef and it has been brilliant.

  5. Happy to hear that you’re ready to go and will engage in new adventures. Good job, guys! 🙂

  6. Hi guys, saw you headed to the outer reef on Marine Traffic. We were at Goldsmith at the time – so glad you’re out of the marina. Been enjoying your posts, have fun out there and hope our paths cross again sometime.

    • We hope so too. We need to come back to Mackay for our first service but will be back and forth at the Reefs offshore of Mackay and the Whitsundays. Enjoy your cruising!

  7. Your sense of relief is almost palpable on this side of the world! Bon voyage chaps!

  8. Hi guys, so pleased to hear that everything is finished and you are back doing what you love.

  9. Timely weather window on your escape. I am enjoying the walks on brampton. That is a very impressive top speed! Enjoy the deep blue.

    • Thanks Graham. Top speed for short bursts only, but comfortably motoring at 8 or 9 and will at last be able to run at 7 on only one engine… a bit better than 4! The deep blue has been therapeutic.

  10. “Free at last.” It is so wonderful that you are finally released from your extended captivity, Chris. It is hard to believe that it was ten weeks and it surely felt even longer for you. You certainly deserve to decompress for a while and spend some time in your happy place. The water looks lovely and inviting. Here’s hoping the weather holds and that things don’t get too crazy again with COVID.

  11. Freedom, Nice. I hope the latest reef is giving you both joy. I guess you could say that Anui is a new boat now, lets hope she stays that way. Have fun

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