“Where Great Begins” Published

Our story on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, “Where Great Begins“, has been published by Australian Multihull World in their July/August 2021 edition. As always it is a thrill to see Chris’s writing and photography in this yachting magazine. The article gives our impressions on a range of reefs that are still in good condition, some seldom visited, and shares some information on what to expect when you anchor there.

For our readers who enjoy cruising vicariously, it shares the splendour of a mesmerising world we are lucky enough to spend a lot of time in. For the Australian yachties among our followers, it might be useful as a guide. But don’t leave it too late to go to these places, as our six-monthly visits reveal increasing reef damage from warming temperatures, frequent and intense storms. All is not well, even in the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

To read the article, click on the image below. Enjoy the trip and do give us your feedback.

And now we have finally sailed north of the Whitsundays in search of new to us Reefs where Great continues. There may be another article in the making!

18 thoughts on ““Where Great Begins” Published

  1. Another beautifully written and informative article. Thanks for the great craftsmanship.

  2. Well written – Chris?

    I’m grateful to have visited these locations over the years, something beyond the reach of most people.

    • Hi Roger, not sure what the ? after my name is for… Glad you have been to these reefs. Let’s hope some of the more vulnerable ones can recover and that we all get to continue to enjoy them.

  3. Well done Chris, a published author again. I think you nailed it in explaining what to do to get there and what others can see at the different spots

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