End of our friends’ sojourn

After a six weeks sojourn on Anui, Greg & Ann caught a plane home on Wednesday night. Our last few days together were the worst weather wise, with a double whammy of treacherous rain systems and cold snap smashing much of Queensland and New South Wales.

The weather has been so unpredictable and conditions unseasonal, although we have been quite lucky: we had three weeks at the Southern Reef in mild conditions, two weeks of spirited sailing and island hopping, and only the last few days boat bound, cold and soggy!

During our last week together our choice of anchorages was dictated by a desire for comfort and internet coverage. When you are trapped on board, you do not want to be rocked around. You also spend a lot of time reading, watching telly and making good use of Netflix!

We spent a few days very comfortably anchored at Shaw Island, managing a walk across one of the necks to the other side of the island just before the rain set in. Here are a few shots taken on our walk.

  • Shaw Island
  • Shaw Island grassland
  • Buttress roots in mangrove

The weekend saw us dodging the rain and moving to Cid Harbour, then Airlie Beach. If there is one thing we dislike it is sailing in the rain, but we timed our dashes well and were relatively unscathed while underway.

Grim arrival into Cid Harbour

We were hunkered down by Sunday afternoon in Pioneer Bay, Airlie Beach.

Rainy Airlie Beach

With dinghy access to jetties and town facilities, in between downpours we picked up a few parcels from the post office, topped up gas and fuel, did a major cleanup of the boat. The ton of laundry and re-provisioning had to wait until Wednesday when the weather improved!

Although not the most exciting end of trip for our friends it is all part of life afloat. This is us four, with pussycat under the duvet, enjoying our tropical escape – 11 degrees, complete shock to the system!

All rugged up for the tropics – it’s warmer in Melbourne!

Greg and Ann are now back in Melbourne but the earth is still moving for them and will be for a few days as they get reaccustomed to land life. “Mal de débarquement” as it is called is a type of vertigo and imbalance that affect some people after they get off a boat. They are feeling it!

With normality returned on Anui and the dreadful weather easing, we have sailed away on our own towards the Outer Reef to catch our breath. We loved having our friends on board, but it is nice to now have some time to ourselves in the wilderness. We may not have not have internet or phone coverage out there so to check on our whereabouts, go to our satellite link on PredictWind.

17 thoughts on “End of our friends’ sojourn

  1. Amazing photos as always, guys, what a bummer to be stuck in place because of the rotten weather! How do you pick up internet and TV service in some locations? There must be a big WiFi signal!

    • Hi John, we don’t often have TV unless we are close to shore but generally internet is ok thanks to our signal booster. Offshore it is only satellite for the forecasts and coms.

  2. I’m sorry that you had bad weather and also because Greg and Ann went home. Take care, Chris. 🙂

    • Hi HJ, one bad week out of six isn’t bad. We did well. Everyone was ready to get back to their normal life after such a long stretch, so no sadness involved.

  3. Enjoy the reef. Sydney’s rain has been sooo bad and the floods devastating . Glad your time together was enjoyable and you were able to show them so much

    • Hi Sue, yes mission accomplished on the friends’ side! Reef wise, not so good. Got there yesterday, the forecast was changed twice overnight and today we are sailing back to the islands having not even got into the water… frustrating!

  4. Can’t believe your weather! July at Airlie and you’re all rugged up like Melbourne people!?!
    The balmy days must come … enjoy your sailing guys …

  5. Had hoped we’d taken the bad weather with us when we headed back to Melbourne. Will pray to the weather gods for sunshine, the right winds and no rowdy seas.

    • Oh Ann your prayers were not answered! Out and return to the reef without getting in the water… running from very fast moving weather systems. Stay warm!

  6. Hi Anui
    Finally in the water after 3.5 month repair from floods.
    Currently at DI Point Lagoon for a few days. Catching a few waves and getting my mojo back.
    Hoping to do Musgrave and Wistari enroute to Keppels.
    Enjoying your posts and maybe we can catch up somewhere.

    • Hi Simon, so glad the ordeal is over for you and you are out having fun. Enjoy the southern reefs; they are the least damaged by the last round of bleaching.

  7. The weather may not have been welcome, Chris, but it made for some really cool photos with lots of atmosphere–I especially loved the images you captioned “Moody conditions at Shaw Island” and “Grim arrival into Cid Harbour.”

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