Reef Discoveries 2022 Published

2022 was a particularly interesting cruising year because of the unusual places we got to. We pushed the envelope: we went further than ever before, discovered places few people experience and documented all this through the camera lens. “Reef Discoveries 2022” is our photographic account of this outstanding year, published as a high-definition photo book through Albumworks.

This is the compellation of our favourite seascape, aerial and underwater images, those which most reflect the breathtaking and unusual places we visited, but also which capture that sense of awe and wonder we felt.

You can preview Reef Discoveries 2022 by clicking on the image below and can also purchase your own copy directly from Album Works if you are interested, although as usual it is not a cheap product. We are publishing this for ourselves but would be delighted to hear some of our readers have a copy!

Source: Reef Discoveries 2022 (albumworks)

A link is also available through our Published Page/Amazing experiences section.