Underway… Soon!

A month after coming to the Boat Works, we have been released for good behaviour… just! We are now waiting for the northerlies to return so we can be underway to Port Macquarie for our friends’ wedding.

We missed the last round of northerlies, mainly because we had to wait for the electric winch to be released from the clutches of the Customs office in Sydney, have Ryan of 143 Boat Building paint one step to the cockpit with anti-skid which had been forgotten, and of course attend the memorial for Wade’s uncle Frank today as we post this.

So what’s happening with the winch? Well, it is still at Customs after nearly two weeks. We can’t wait any longer and will therefore be leaving without it. Ryan will put it aside when it finally gets to him and will install it when we come back up. Now the main is a huge, heavy sail. “Weedy Wadie” can raise it by hand till the first spreader… Anui has four of them. And Chris has even less hope of raising that beast. But fear not, we plan to use Sir Walter, our DeWalt right angle drill, to help raise it when needed. This is the tool we normally use to furl and unfurl the jib and screecher.

What we use as an electric winch

We finally left the Boat Works on Wednesday morning and motored to Currigee along South Stradbroke Island where we are floating around for a few days. Anui looks a treat inside and out. It makes all the hard work and sore bodies worthwhile. We have our home back! Let’s hope we can keep it that way.

Anchored in front of the Boat Works
The cockpit is no longer a tool shed!
Cleaned up inside too!

It has really been a crescendo this week: finishing off the last of the maintenance, tracking the progress of the wretched winch delivery, provisioning the boat, getting a Covid’s booster, obsessively watching the forecasts for northerlies to sail south, a drive down to Byron Bay with our friend Bill to check out a dangerous shop (Underwater), Wade’s uncle Frank’s memorial today… We are grateful that Ryan gave us his ute to do the last of the running around and that Bill is loaning us his posh car today for the drive to Brisbane in style! So helpful…

We also enjoyed catching up with cruising friends one last time before leaving the Boat Works: Havachat, Roo Bin Esque, Take It Easy, Catina… We hope we share a few anchorages with all these guys this coming season, which would be so much more fun than doing time in a shipyard!

It looks like we have a short window to get away, avoid the dreaded overnighter and cray pot dodging at night. Nothing like cutting it fine though! We are hoping to leave at some ungodly hour on Sunday, motorsail 50 nm to Byron Bay in light easterly conditions to then have two daylight sails in northerly wind, 100 miles to Coffs Harbour and 70 to Port Macquarie. Wish us luck!

29 thoughts on “Underway… Soon!

  1. Damn! I didnt realise you were at TBW Wednesday! When I checked marine traffic yesterday morning you were at South Curigee. Had you been at our normal gutter or PP we would have stopped. We were trying for Tiger Mullet but decided it was too close to risk when we got close. About to move from Jumpinpin. We are heading back down Monday. Unless the forecast changes it looks like we will have to catch you when you head north again. xxx

    • Hi Trish, we moved from Boat Works first thing Wednesday and went straight to Currigee. There is no access at Paradise Point for 3 months while they dredge. We will see you maybe on the way back north.

  2. That’s great news Chris and Wadey. Can’t wait to welcome you back to Port Macquarie!
    I’m just back from Japan this morning and waiting for my domestic flight back home to Port. Haven’t eaten bread or drank any red wine for the past 5 weeks…but there was plenty of “Beeru” and Ni Honshu.
    Look forward to seeing you!!

    • Should get to Port Tuesday night… will grab a mooring for the night and recover then come up river. Good shake down cruise for the new rigging and davits!
      Were you both in Japan or just you on your lonesome? Skiing?

  3. Hi guys, Anui looks amazing. She is such a beautiful boat. With some luck we will cross paths and finally have that sundowners together as we are coming north for the season 🙂 We are planning on leaving Lakes around the 7th April. Xx

    • Thanks guys, great to hear you will soon be heading north. We intend to be back at the Gold Coast in mid April. A few medical bits, the winch then start going north end of April/May. All the best 🙂

  4. Oh Lordie – now I am watching for northerlies for you! Turning tomorrow here . . . ! Oh the Anui looks very comfortable indeed . . . so, fingers crossed . . . and, Bengie definitely reboarded – yes 🙂 ?

    • You make us laugh Eha. Yes we are all being a wee bit obsessive about signs of northerlies, a whiff of northerlies, a promise of a tiny bit of it! Turning Sunday so we are out of here… and yes, with Bengie who has had a couple of little outings and chews on grass along the sandy beach. Happy little Vegemite!

  5. Anui looks like a new boat, great job you’ve done, other than the usual repairs and updates. I wish you, a great new season, keep reporting your adventures and plenty of photographs,too. Take care Chris and Wade. 🙂

  6. I am sorry about your uncle Wadie, he really had a good innings though. The boat looks great, happy sailing in the northerlies. Enjoy the wedding

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