Hard Labour Mostly Over

The boat work is mostly over after 25 days of hard labour in the shipyard. We are back in the water, although we haven’t gone very far and are not quite finished yet.

Job update

Ryan, our shipwright at 143 Boat Building is thorough and also knows we are picky. The painting was painstaking as he wanted everything done just right. It is all in the preparation: masking properly, sanding smoothly enough… a challenge when you manage the work of apprentices! It is a juggling act of teaching, supervising and getting things done properly. In the end much of the painting of the mast step, the cockpit and the sugar scoops was completed on the weekend by the professionals, Ryan and Jules – second time around!

As well as the main contracted jobs, our own to do list was long this week. We had to tackle a few bits that carked it while we were out of the water, like one of the cockpit 12v plugs, the battery monitor, the power drill, the fan in our bedroom, the sump pump in the shower, the toilet pump… it is endless! We are grateful Ryan lent us his car so we could drive to Bunnings, RTM and Whitworths for all things marine! There might have been trips to Dan Murphy and Woolies too. A few of our friends often say “surely, there is nothing left to replace on Anui”. Well nearly; we soon will be at the stage of replacing what we’ve replaced!

Meanwhile on the last day pussycat Bengie was torn between exploring the shipyard and hiding in the laundry bag… she loves bags! The bag won which is rather lucky because we did not want her to escape then come back home with grubby paws! She is so cheeky… keeps us smiling.

Splash time!

Finally by Tuesday morning we were mostly done. Whatever was left to do could be handled in the water – the winch, a missed patch of anti skid paint, some polishing. We scrubbed the decks with Gumption to clean the filth, gave the boat a big hose down and soon the Sealift was in position to take us back to the water.

Once afloat we were able to hang the dinghy from the new davits and adjust the length of the lines. Here is how it looks at the highest point, for when we go offshore.

We did not go far, first anchoring in the pond in front of Boat Works as we expected the electric winch to be installed the next day. We are glad we did not wait for it on the hard stand as it is still clearing customs in Sydney then has to get here… so frustrating! We decided we would wait near Paradise Point to have access to walks and groceries. We will motor back to the Boat Works when we get news the winch has arrived.

Where to next?

With a bit of luck, we will have the winch and paint sorted early next week and be able to get away.

And now we have just received news that one of Wade’s uncles has passed away. Frank loved exploring the bush and was a kindred spirit, so we are joining the family in a week’s time in Brisbane to celebrate his long and adventure filled life.

We will then leave Queensland and rush south. South?? we hear you wonder… Yap, we are heading to New South Wales, to Port Macquarie. Our friends Warrick and Lisa are getting married after living together for 20 years and Waz is turning 60. So we will sail down there, or motor if the weather doesn’t cooperate! We intend to anchor our resplendent floating home in front of their place on the Hastings River as we usually do and join them for the celebrations.

After that, we will come back up slowly, probably stopping along the way at the Solitary Islands, just north of Coffs Harbour. From May onwards we hope to go offshore, in particular to the Swain Reefs and the Coral Sea Atolls. Anui is ready for some serious adventures. But of course all this is weather dependent!

21 thoughts on “Hard Labour Mostly Over

  1. This a great update! The new davits really lift the dinghy much higher. I’m sorry for your loss, Wade. ❤️🙏🏻

  2. You’ve done more than most would and the results speak for themselves – Anui glows.

    • Thanks Roger, much appreciated. She gets lots of TLC being our full time home. You know how it goes, take care of her so she takes care of us!

  3. Looking forward to celebrating with you here in Port Macquarie Chris and Wade.
    xx Lisa

  4. A great big piece of work complete. It’s easy to overlook what such a harsh environment it is living on the sea. Especially given the big miles you do. Well done! Please accept our condolences on the passing of Wade’s uncle.

    • Thanks Mick and Mary. We are glad we will be able to attend the celebration of Frank’s life.
      As for the work on Anui, yes people often think maintenance on a boat is the same as on a house, but it is much harder and critical as the marine environment is so unforgiving as you well know!

  5. Congratulations! Ready for new adventures! 🙂 🙂 Bon Voyage, Chris and Wade! 🙂

  6. Uncle Frank 99 Wade, good innings, augers well for your longevity. Also impressive is Val at 80 still cruising with her hubby! Wow!
    You both must be so happy to get off that boat yard. I can almost hear your collective sigh of relief across the oceans!
    Do pass on our congrats and best wishes to Waz and Lisa, Claire and I fondly remember his spectacular sushi!

    • Hiya Elgar & Claire, Yes relieved to be out of the yard but we are still waiting for the winch and until it gets here we can’t go anywhere!
      Val & John are both over 83 if I remember rightly. Don’t know that we will last that long! Based on the state of our backs after the hard labour, I think we will pull the pin well before that!
      Will pass on your good wishes to Waz & Lisa. It was a memorable night together on TIE in Coffs, wasn’t it!

      • Yep, one of life’s pause button moments!
        It’s also an interesting discussion in terms of our respective ‘codgerhood’, ‘when do we pull the pin’ on a particular activity. I knew it was time to give up basketball at age 48 when I snapped my Achilles tendon. Sailing’s another one …. how long can you go on before hanging up your winch handles? We hope you’ll keep going for years yet, we enjoy your adventures vicariously, way too much! As for me, the suns coming out over Scotland so it’s back to the golf course!
        Happy sailing guys!

  7. It is so good that the repairs are finally done, at least, most of them. I hope your trip to Port is going ok and that you are delighting in sailing your refurbished boat. Please pass on my congratulations to Was and Lisa. enjoy the wedding.

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