Vanishing Treasures Published

One of Chris’s most significant conservation articles about the state of the Great Barrier Reef has been published by Australian Multihull World (AMW) in their January/February 2023 edition. What a way to start the new year!

We are very appreciative of AMW for publishing Vanishing Treasures. It is not their typical cruising story or latest multihull design update. It is a plea for the Great Barrier Reef, a most popular cruising region for their readers. Paul Lynch (Editor) and Wendy Elliston (Designer), thank you.

Vanishing Treasures presents a confronting story and set of images about what is happening to our beautiful reef; it is a story of life and death with photographic records of vibrant Vs destroyed coral reefs. It was hard to write, distressing to photograph, painful to assemble.

To us it is an important milestone. This is the culmination of many hours under water, many hours capturing images and collecting evidence of the adverse changes we have noticed at reefs we visit year after year. It also represents many hours in front of a computer developing images and finding the words to expose the disturbing differences between healthy and damaged coral. We hope readers “get it” and are compelled to do their bit to help save what is left of the Great Barrier Reef.

To read Vanishing Treasures, click on the image below or go to our Published Page/Amazing Experiences section.

24 thoughts on “Vanishing Treasures Published

  1. Congratulations Chris!!
    A great achievement and, no doubt, very difficult to put together.
    Maybe you could send copies to Albo and Tanya Pliberseck?!

  2. Congratulations! What a privilege to be able to look and to learn and to show friends! I fully agree with Matthew that you should send this to Tanya Plibersek who is doing a fantastic job in her new portfolio . . best . . .

  3. Congratulations Chris. It’s a very informative and thought provoking article. A message worth spreading beyond the boating community too.

  4. Chris,
    Congratulations on getting such a truly beautiful, meaningful and relevant article published. Wade and yourself are an inspiration ( also Bengie of course! ).
    Our Metung Science Forum is waking up after a bit of a sleep and it would be great if I can circulate a link to this article ?????
    All the best, stay safe and hope to catch up soon.

  5. Kudos to you, Chris! Excellent presentation, absolutely great photos., great story. 🙂

  6. Chris, that was a superbly written and photographed article. Thank you for sharing the reality, painful though it may be, and for the links to ways we can help.

  7. Bonza article Chris, hopefully will raise some awareness amongst cruising sailors. So poignant, but true.

  8. Have you tried to publish in national weekend papers? I’ve had flying articles published by the weekend Canberra Times years ago (they paid well at the time). From memory, I think they like no more than 1,000 words and good pictures. Might be worth streamlining your article and sending it off to a few editors. They might like the human interest side of things as well … ie, Wade & Chris, intrepid but modest adventurers ….;-)

  9. Great article Chris. It is soooo sad though. Maybe Tania P the environment Minister will do more. There has been 10Yrs of neglect and denial by the previous government. Shame.

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