Hooked on the Reef

As we are well into winter here and we long for warmer climes, the publication of our article “Hooked on the Reef” in the Australian Multihull World magazine is a welcome reminder of the wondrous time we had at the Reef last summer!

This article is a companion article to the one published in Cruising Helmsman in June, but with different photos and a bit more information about the Great Barrier Reef. To read the story, click on the image below, or go to our Published page, Amazing Experiences section.


The Southern end of the Great Barrier Reef rates as one of the most incredible destinations in our cruising adventures.  If you have never been to a reef, this is definitely one experience to add to your bucket list!


16 thoughts on “Hooked on the Reef

  1. Nice article Chris, well written! I shouldn’t have read it though, giving me a taste for the high seas again!

  2. Congratulations, Chris! I loved lady Musgrave Island and North West Island. This afternoon we are going snorkelling at Geoffrey Bay, Magnetic Island and I am aiming to pick up a copy of Michelle Brayshaw’s book tomorrow.

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