South we go!

The stars are lining up for us, so south we go! We are trying very hard to avoid overnighters, as we don’t enjoy two hour watches, Wade and I, but we are opting for super early starts, to get us to cover distances before weather changes. 

Shy Albatross

Roaring Forties here we come!

This is why we have been hiding in Grassy for a few days! This was the weather map at 11.00 am on Thursday; you can see what was coming to Grassy! Severe weather, 40+knot winds, spray flying through the air inside the harbour, train running through the rigging. We are in the Roaring Forties after…

Bound for King Island

We have lined up our ducks, well, geese. The wind is in the right direction, the strength is good and there is not too much swell. Time to leave the safety of Apollo Bay at first light this Wednesday morning for the next leg of our voyage. We are bound for King Island, which we will…