Bound for King Island


We have lined up our ducks, well, geese. The wind is in the right direction, the strength is good and there is not too much swell. Time to leave the safety of Apollo Bay at first light this Wednesday morning for the next leg of our voyage. We are bound for King Island, which we will reach tonight after a long passage of 86 miles.

We have a short window of 10 to 15 knots WNW wind, ahead of another SW blow on Thursday and Friday. With the promise of a big fat mooring in Grassy, two thirds of the way down the east coast of the island, we thought we would venture across rather than sit in Apollo Bay for another few days. No pictures yet, but as we may not have internet coverage there, we are posting now to let everyone know we have moved on.


King Island is part of the State of Tasmania and sits in the middle of Bass Strait between Victoria and Tassie’s North West coast. It is best known for its gourmet food – beef and dairy farms cover the entire low lying island. But to us it is a wild, rugged, windswept island that marks the Western edge of Bass Strait and is our gateway to the West Coast of Tasmania.

Our decision as to whether to keep going south along the West coast, or head East to follow the Northern coast of Tassie towards Flinders Island and the Furneaux Group, will be made a little further along, once we reach the Hunter Group of islands. So stay tuned!



12 thoughts on “Bound for King Island

  1. Sail safe. I look forward to reading the next installment and to see which direction you have taken. Love those geese. Darwin is a bit more black and white than grey. is magpie geese up here(thousands of them)!

    • We got there OK. Bass Strait was lumpy but sedate, in fact not enough wind! But once we reach the northern tip of King Island the breeze picked up and we had four hours on a spinnaker run to Grassy in smooth waters and bright sunshine. “Champagne sailing” as Wade calls it!

    • Hi Sue – yes we are on a big fat fisherman’s mooring in Grassy. It’s currently (Thursday am) blowing at over 35 knots! Staying on board for now. We will venture ashore later. Here probably till Sunday. The wind is expected to ease off by Saturday. We have slow internet service, so all good, can at least get MetEye for forecasts.

  2. Good luck. Grassy? Rings a bell. Wadey is that where we sailed to in that big concrete ketch many years ago?

  3. In England again now for good. Our Singapore adventure has come to an end. Sold the Trimaran as well. Good luck with your cruise. As always very jealous.

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