Roaring Forties here we come!

This is why we have been hiding in Grassy for a few days!

This was the weather map at 11.00 am on Thursday; you can see what was coming to Grassy! Severe weather, 40+knot winds, spray flying through the air inside the harbour, train running through the rigging. We are in the Roaring Forties after all!

We are ever so glad we arranged to tie onto a big fat fisherman’s mooring even if this green cray boat behind us looked as if it was going to climb aboard!


In contrast with this weather, our crossing over from Apollo Bay was in very sedate, extremely light conditions. Only 4 out of our 13 hour passage was under spinnaker, the rest was motoring. But we did manage to see a few albatrosses – such magical ocean wanderers.


We stayed on board in Grassy during the worst of the storm, but as the wind moderated, we ventured ashore for a wander and leg stretch. Tomorrow, Sunday, we will sail to the Hunter Group of islands, some 30 miles south of here.

Here are some images of our passage from Apollo Bay and at King Island.

17 thoughts on “Roaring Forties here we come!

    • Thanks Susan. It’s all quiet now, which feels odd after 43 knots! We could even hear the penguins calling last night. Might have to check them out tonight on dusk!

    • Yes it was some blow, Robin. It is weird to have calm conditions today! The weather patterns have been really fast changing and unstable. More gales to come early next week!

  1. Thanks for the photos. It really was a big blow. We saw 39knots at one stage. Quiet today so will go into San Remo by dinghy. Enjoy the cheesses!

  2. Wow, what awful weather, glad you were safe at Grassy.I can just imagine the noise in the rigging. Looks like a nice spot. I hope you got some cheese, Yum. Have fun exploring your next group of islands Love the Albi. Says are beautiful

    • Hi Sue, Yes that was really nasty and there is more to come once we are at the Hunters. More of the red and orange stuff on the forecast for next week, but this time we will be at anchor! The albatross – yes the panoramic and portrait shots are two of my all time favourites. We hope to get more opportunities for great images as we go past the rookery at Albatross Island.

    • Hi Leanne – the weather patterns are coming fast and strong! But we are fine and getting ready to see our own private penguin parade tonight before we head out tomorrow.

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