Coastal Views from the Ocean

If our first few days at sea were rather rough, the last two legs along the Victorian Coast have been fun, with no sign of sea sickness and some good sailing, rather than motor-sailing.  We are over the hump!

We have completed our sail along the Victorian Coast. Since the last post, we went from Cleeland Bight on Phillip Island to just inside Port Phillip Heads, where we anchored for the night. Rushing through The Rip at 10.5 knots speed was an experience, even on a calm day, and our overnight anchorage at Point Nepean was safe but a bit rowdy! The next day we crossed over to Point Lonsdale to follow the West coast, passing awfully close to our beach home at Jan Juc and to Aireys Inlet, and finally arriving at the fishing harbour of Apollo Bay on Sunday night just as the rain and strong wind set in. We are hiding here for a few days from a strong Westerly. The next leg will be dead South across Bass Strait to King Island, where we probably won’t have internet service.


Seeing iconic and familiar stretches of coast from the sea offers a different perspective. We see the cliffs, the lighthouses, the capes, the surf breaks in a way not too many people get to see them. So for this post, we thought we would share our perspective of the Victorian Coast through a series of panoramic shots. We hope you will like our views from Take It Easy.

Cape Woolamai from the ocean

Cape Woolamai from the ocean


Seals on Seal Rock

Seal Rocks off Phillip Island

Seal Rock off Phillip Island

Breakers of Cape Schanck

Breakers off Cape Schanck

Cape Schanck and Pulpit Rock from the ocean

Cape Schanck and Pulpit Rock from the ocean

Point Nepean from the Rip

Point Nepean from the Rip

The rip at Port Phillip Bay Entrance

The rip at the entrance of Port Phillip Bay


Overcast conditions at Point Lonsdale Lighthouse


The Hay Stacks at Jan Juc


Aireys Inlet Lighthouse and Split Rock


Tucked in at Apollo Bay

28 thoughts on “Coastal Views from the Ocean

      • Oh yes indeed – I grew up on an inland lake (nothing like your lake haha) but am addicted to boating and sailing. Now I live in a desert!! 🙃🤔

      • We are sure there are attractions in desert landscapes too. Maybe you’ll get back to sailing at some stage. Till then our stories and photos are there for you to enjoy without the sea sickness! ⛵️

    • Hi Trish, we are in the fishing harbour itself. It blew a hooley last night and there is more to come over the next day or two, so glad to be well sheltered.

      • It is a narrow entrance. If you follow the lead line, you will end up in a sand bank but it’s obvious where the deep water is (close to the West wall). And in calm conditions you would not get the breakers. As they say, lead lines are indicators only and don’t replace a sharp look out.

    • Thanks Viki. We might get a window on Wednesday, but the weather is very changeable so we’ll see. For now we have a couple of days for chores and lots of reading, hiding from wind and rain!

  1. Wow, the waves seem massive, though there seems to be a lot of beauty in their power. The colors are spectacular and the terrain that you show seems really rugged. It’s hard for me to imagine venturing out in anything less than calm conditions, which means I would spend a lot of time hugging the land.

      • …and to have good weather forecasters. We love to complain about the weather forecasts here, when all we have to worry about is the driving conditions for our cars. It’s a bit more serious when you are on a boat, I would think.

      • True. The forecasts are pretty good but we find that in this season (late sprung early summer) weather patterns move through really quickly and so things change a lot in the forecasts. You really plan your passages one day at a time rather than 3 or 4 days ahead in more settled seasons.

  2. What a great trip along the coast, so close to Jan Jac. Have a safe passage down to King. Stay safe

  3. Hi Christine

    Sounds like things are going well, I’ve just mastered Facebook on my holidays and saw an update from you

    Enjoy the break and Xmas as no guarantee I will keep going with all this social media !!!!

    Currently in a placed called Marissa on the coast of Sri Lanka looks like some great sailing here

    Safe travels



    • Hi Jason – nice of you to visit! Yes we publicise our website posts on FB so people pick them up through WordPress directly if they are followers or via FB. Enjoy Sri Lanka… such a world away from work!

  4. Looks like a great start to your adventure – hope you don’ t have to hide out for too long. All good here, fixed and doing well- yippee. Happy sailing.

  5. Great images, and great to see some images of the famed Bass Strait area. Checked out your route on the map, so now I know where you are. Good luck on the sail down to King Island. Looking forward to seeing your report and photos of that leg.

    • Hi Robin – pleased you like the images. The next leg is where we leave the familiar Victorian coast, lose sight of land for a while and enter wilder regions! But this last week has been good to get us settled into a rhythm.

  6. What a great sailing trip you have had so far, do hope it stays with you, fair winds and all that goes with it.

    • Hi Terry, yes it has been good to be out there again, but the weather has been very unstable. A lot more motor-sailing than pure sailing. Still, it’s only the first week and we have two months to go! Keep well.

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