Finding our sea legs

The first few days of a cruise are often a mixed bag: You are excited to be on your way, looking forward to future discoveries. But you have long passages to start with and you have not got your sea legs yet.  And Bass Strait is known for its short, confused, choppy seas. So guess what? Mal de mer is afflicting us, Chris in particular.

But we have made good progress along the Victorian Coast.


We started our voyage with a long day of motor-sailing and after a 90 mile passage we spent our first night at Refuge Cove on the East side of Wilsons Promontory.  Our second hop, a very nice sail of only about 16 miles was to Oberon Bay on the Western side of the Prom. Then came another long passage of 60 miles to Cleeland Bight on Phillip Island to hide from the South West change.  This last leg was a bit touch and go as the forecast changed with the SW arriving a day earlier than expected.  We will be hiding here for a couple of days. This anchorage is very pleasant, well protected, and we are catching up with friends which is always fun.

Not many photos to share as the expedition photographer was on strike due to sea sickness. Hopefully things will soon improve on that front, as they usually do.

10 thoughts on “Finding our sea legs

  1. We could see your track from Oberon and it was clear you were heading for Phillip Island. The log shows you leaving Oberon Bay at 5:30 pm. Did you do a night sail?

    • Hi guys, no we left Oberon at 4.30am on day break on Thursday. It has been a hard start, but feeling better now! Marine Traffic lags behind… It is still showing we are heading to PI even though we’ve reached our destination! Very dependent on our position being picked up by ships and as our AIS is switched off while at anchor, we look like we are at sea right now! xxx C&W

    • Hi Trish. We normally feel dodgy only for a day or two, so let’s hope we have done our dash with that! We have been pushing pretty hard, so need to slow down. Once we reach Apollo Bay and head for King Island, it should get easier.

  2. Hi guys , good going,
    John and Janne here you helped us out 18 months ago with offer of your berth in Lakes. We live just round the corner from each other in Juc.
    We belong to the Lagoon boat club near the Geelong Grammar school and we have 2 visitors moorings available to travellers like yourselves. We and our club would welcome you and revel in hearing of your adventures and future travels. Please feel free any time to rock on in.
    Happy sailing,
    John and Janne,

    • Thanks for the kind invitation Jane and John. We might take you up on this in the middle of next year as we will be in the bay for a while. We are right now heading off to Tassie for a two months cruise – currently anchored at Point Nepean. We are sailing past Jan Juc tomorrow on our way to Apollo Bay. Not stopping at Juc but passing close as some friends want to wave us goodbye! Hope you have some adventures in store too! Take care.

  3. Not fun feeling seasick, though I’m sure it will get better! The first 3 days are always pretty rough for me, too. Sounds like you’re making good progress, though!

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