The Lure of the Reef

  Corals and tropical fish have a wonderful appeal.  Monkey Bay on Great Keppel Island gives a small glimpse of what awaits on the Great Barrier Reef.

Escape to the Keppel Isles

The Melbourne Cup extended weekend was the opportunity to visit Take It Easy in Queensland one last time before the big exodus south next month.  For this five day float around the Keppel Isles with friends Waz and Lisa, the program included fishing, snorkeling, some sailing, beach combing, great meals and wines, lots of laughs and lazing…

Monkey Bay Snorkeling

Astonishing Monkey Bay – Great Keppel Island

Great Keppel Island is the largest of 18 isles in the Keppel Group and is the jewel in the Keppel Bay crown, with pristine sandy beaches offering a mix of attractions and different perspectives – so much so that it deserves three separate posts to share its riches!  The first of these is Monkey Bay…