Escape to the Keppel Isles

The Melbourne Cup extended weekend was the opportunity to visit Take It Easy in Queensland one last time before the big exodus south next month.  For this five day float around the Keppel Isles with friends Waz and Lisa, the program included fishing, snorkeling, some sailing, beach combing, great meals and wines, lots of laughs and lazing around in the sunshine.   We even caught up with a few yachtie friends and acquaintances!  The cruising world is indeed a small world.

Monkey Bay Snorkeling

The new Olympus TG4 Camera and Fisheye wet lens were put to good use.  We need a little more practice  to get well lit and well focused shots, but it will come.  Oh, and one bit of advice for those playing with an underwater camera: always do a check of all the locks before jumping into the water so you don’t flood it!  Yes, guess who is getting another camera? We just have to be thankful it was not the expensive SLR.  Won’t forget next time!

Yet again, this escapade confirmed how nice it is to share our passion and beloved boatie with friends.

For the first time, we have a video to share with you.  Lisa put this together from various clips and photos we took.  Just click on the “Take It Easy Peasy” link.  We will have to get into the habit of doing more of these…  So much to learn!

Here is a gallery with a few images too. As always, click on the first photo to display in full screen slideshow.

24 thoughts on “Escape to the Keppel Isles

  1. Amazing times Chris and Wade. Thank you so much for your hospitality. We enjoyed every minute of this amazing adventure with you and the movie will remind us of that time for years to come.

    • Hi Lisa – We had fun too. Thanks for the company and putting up with sickly hosts.
      Not sure the video works for all… Wade couldn’t open the link and I am now having trouble too! We’ll see how things go… I think when I create a video in the future, I will have to select music that doesn’t get blocked by WMG and load on You Tube. Easier!

      • yes agreed, more reliable. I think you need to have a drop box account or be willing to sign in.

  2. Nice to see that you guys are back on the water. We are still north of Mackay but look forward to catching up with you when the opportunity arises in the next few months. We are looking for some tips on catching fish! Trish, Andrew Cilla and Tiger

    • Catching fish… We are not very good at this but what we are learning is that you need decent bait… Or friends who have an act! Hope to see you at an anchorage in December!

  3. I’m here!! 🙂 And what a wonderfully fun post, Chris! Such gorgeous images, and I especially love “going under” – such a great perspective. And while for some reason I couldn’t hear any music with the video, I still enjoyed every second, and got a huge laugh out of the “sand sledding.” What special times you shared with your friends. Lucky all of you!!

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