The Lure of the Reef


Corals and tropical fish have a wonderful appeal.  Monkey Bay on Great Keppel Island gives a small glimpse of what awaits on the Great Barrier Reef.


And this is why we have patiently waited for the right weather conditions.  We could have left on a beam run on Monday headed south, but this would have meant missing out on a very special part of cruising in the tropics.  We wanted to head East, to the Barrier Reef.

Today we have the weather window we need: a light ENE that will take us some 40 nautical miles offshore to North West Island. This is the first in a series of coral cays and lagoons running southeast which form the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef.  Our intention is to spend a few days there, stopping at North West Island, Fitzroy Reef and Lady Musgrave.  But time and weather will tell.


For now, here is a gallery of images taken at Monkey Bay.  Even in this small scale, the snorkeling is good and the turtles, the clams with their iridescent lips and the many types of tropical fishes are a feast for the eyes.

13 thoughts on “The Lure of the Reef

  1. Fantastic environment, can we preserve the reef or will it be lost forever because we can’t control the earth’s warming and stop the run off of chemicals & mining

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