Stuck in the Keppels

There are worse places to be stuck in than the Keppel Islands, but stuck we are for a few days while an Easterly is blowing.

It is an odd start to our Summer Cruise.  We don’t know what to do with ourselves: too hot to go walking ashore and too many sandflies (we are already covered with bites), storms that come and go, drenching us with rain one minute, then brilliant sunshine the next… But the temperature of the water is a balmy 260C  so we are in and out of there all day long.  We wanted a rest and we have it!

But you know us, we can’t sleep all day and just have to tinker.  Here is an example:



Man at work

The hulls were developing a forest – we can’t have that!  There is frantic scraping happening.  Wade is doing the scraping, Chris is playing with her underwater camera, Bengie is supervising at a safe distance from the wet stuff.

Here are a few pictures of life on Take It Easy!


12 thoughts on “Stuck in the Keppels

  1. Wow, looks like hard work Wadie, just part of the fun though. The sandflies are horrible eh, the sores later are disgusting if you scratch too much. The fun of the tropics in the wet. Have fun though. Glad Bengie is on duty, someone has to keep both of you in check!!

    • Can’t believe how quickly that stuff grew – we scraped the hulls in early November when we were up last! Shouldn’t grow back now that we are moving… Any excuse to be in the water though – it’s hot!

  2. Sorry to hear of the delay, but I guess with a boat there are always things to be done. I love the daydreaming shot of Bengie. I hope he is not bothered by the flies.

    • No flies around here, which is surprising and no mosquitoes either! The only nasty insects are tiny sandflies on the beach, too small to even see but boy do they bite! I thought of you Mike, with the shot of Bengie at the helm seat. She likes that spot!
      As for the waiting, it’s part of the course but today was good with great snorkeling.

  3. Had to have a look. Gentle Nor Easter on Thur … better than the beam reach you have now? Like the voile cozies Wade!

    • It’s actually a head wind at the moment Elgar, as we are intending to go to the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef… ESE from here. So yes, we are staying put till Thursday. But the snorkeling is great, so life is good. Will do a post in a day or two about the sea creatures we have seen.

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