Snug in Snug Cove – Eden

With a mix of excitement, anticipation and nervousness, we crossed the notorious Lakes Entrance bar on Monday 9 December at 7.00am, and the Take It Easy 2014-15 Cruise is now officially underway.

Within half an hour of being out in the ocean, the shy albatrosses made their appearance.  They are always mesmerising to watch as they soar and bank one way, then the other.

Big Red

Big Red, the spinnaker

We had a good 12 hour sail under spinnaker alone, which is a cruisy way to go for us.  “Big Red” takes us for a long, steady sled ride.  The first leg of the trip normally involves an overnighter; you keep sailing day and night to get around the bottom of the continent then head north along the East coast of Australia.  It is a hard start when you haven’t got your sea legs!  But this time we decided to stop and anchor overnight at a little known spot called the Skerries: a bunch of rocks in the shape of a breakwater just off the shore beyond Point Hicks.  We had heard about them, but had never actually been there.

Skerries anchorage

Ready to anchor at the Skerries

We don’t really enjoy overnighters, particularly when it is just the two of us.  So after an all day sail, we checked out the spot.  When we snuck into the little corridor between the Skerries and the shore, what little swell was coming in did not deter us and we dropped the pick.  We slept soundly at anchor for the night, serenaded by a colony of Australian Fur Seals.  Serenade is probably a kind description for the bleating, barking and bellowing sounds these creatures produce!

The next day was again SW, but the wind never really picked up.  So the next 13 hours were slow, sailing at first, then motor-sailing in grey, drizzly conditions and lumpy seas.

Snug Cove Eden

Arrival at Snug Cove, Eden

But we are now snug, in Snug Cove at Eden.  We will be here all day Wednesday as a northerly wind is forecast, ahead of another SW change.  It is a nice little anchorage, close to the Port of Eden, and this time the serenade comes from the many bell birds in the trees… Much more melodious and nowhere near as smelly as the seals!

The plan is to follow the SW change and head off again at first light on Thursday, for an 80nm hop to Broulee Bay… that is if it is not bucketing down, as 30kn winds in rain isn’t something we want to do.  So we will see how things pan out.

Here are a few photos.  Click on the first image to display in full screen slide show.

26 thoughts on “Snug in Snug Cove – Eden

  1. Hope the wind gods do the right thing for your plan tomorrow, meanwhile enjoy the delights of eden. Love being able to follow your progress on marinetraffic too.

    • It was fun to get your message on Monday; there is no hiding from you two! Yes, the weather is very iffy… Matches my stomach, even at anchor!

  2. How exciting for you to be underway, and lovely to be able to document your trip as you go! But I thought it was summer down there, so I was surprised to see how stormy it looked and how bundled up everyone is. Hope things smooth out for you a bit soon!

  3. hey guys Outback Dreamer (OBD) is shinny from waterline upto the deck. looks great. will get some photos for you.

  4. Underway fantastic, smooth sailing is hoped for you two. Enjoy this trip and look forward to reading of your progress. The skerries sounded fascinating. Cheers Sue

    • Thanks Sue. Terrible weather though… We will be in Eden fir a couple of days – 40kn forecast with heavy rain for tomorrow – don’t need it! But you know how good I am at this patient waiting thing! 😁 Captain Wadie is a lot more relaxed about it than I am.

  5. Thanks for your post, the photos and for sharing your adventure, really looking forward to the following episodes. Enjoy the enforced spell at Eden, beautiful spot. The Whale Museum is great.

    • Hi guys , will be here for a couple of days – don’t fancy sailing in the driving rain and 40kn winds. Visited the museum last year… We might console ourselves with oysters hand picked at Nullica Bay!

  6. Profitez bien de votre voyage. Nous pensons bien à vous.
    Avec tout mon amour
    Ta peite soeur

    • Oh coucou! Cela fait plaisir de recevoir ton petit mot. Nous sommes à l’abri dans Eden pour deux jours! Nous repartirons probablement vendredi de bonne heure! Bisous de nous deux et un petit miaou de Bengie😊

  7. Sounds like a nice start to the voyage! That bar entrance looks exciting… we only had to deal with one when we visited Australia, in Cooktown, but this looks lots more intense!

    • Yes, when it breaks not only all the way across outside the entrance, but also inside like rapids, we go back to sleep! Just had to wait for things to calm down. The seals had fun though!

      • The seals play in it? That sounds fun to watch 🙂 I remember seeing a pod of dolphins playing in the rapids in one of the passes into a South Pacific atoll—unforgettable sight.

      • Yap, Wade even said ‘I hope they get out of our way, cos there’s no space for us anywhere else!’ Got a couple of photos I should have added to the gallery.

  8. Glad to hear your beginning has begun 🙂 Love the photos and play by play of the trip. Looking forward to following your adventure, Safe travels.

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