Reef Dwellers at North West Island

We feel so privileged to be spending time in the Capricornia Cays, part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. Our first stop is North West Island, where we spend two nights.

When you approach a coral cay, all you see is a low lying island, a strip of greenery in the distance and a change of colour in the water with a band of turquoise.  North West Island is a teardrop shaped island covered with pisonia trees on the edge of a large enclosed lagoon.  It is a paradise for seabirds and sea turtles which nest at this time of year, and the fringing reef abounds with tropical fish.

We saw black noddies, burrowing shearwaters and bridled terns in their hundreds.  We watched in awe as green turtles, a threatened specie, were being amorous right next to the boat.  And the snorkeling was very appealing – better than in the Keppels – with coral ledges and canyons harboring an amazing variety of fish.  Butterflyfish of all colours and Moorish Idols were particularly beautiful.

We took hundreds of photos, both on the island and underwater.  Here is a selection of our favourites.


17 thoughts on “Reef Dwellers at North West Island

  1. What a wonderful time you are having, What I like is that you take me with you into this wonderful world of nature and sailing. Photos are great, wow. Love the birds, you are sure marking off many newbies in your book

    • We thought of you at the NW cay, with the hundreds of birds and the easy snorkeling! There will be many more opportunities in the coming years for you to join us my friend💕!

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