Christmas at Cape Moreton


Impatiens… such an apt flower we found during our walk ashore two days ago!  Our impatience is growing.  We said we would be in NSW by now in our last post, but the weather has been fickle and will not let us leave Queensland!

We did manage to leave Fraser Island and the Sandy Straits though.  On 23/12/15 we crossed the ill-reputed Wide Bay Bar at dawn and enjoyed a long day sail of 82 nautical miles to the Northern tip of Moreton Island. But this is where we stopped and stayed for the following three nights, and where we spent Christmas.


Cape Moreton Lighthouse

It was odd talking to our respective families over Skype.  Each was planning a feast for Christmas lunch.  We did pig out on way too many French crepes for breakfast, but our day was a lot more subdued than most.  It was warm, windy, and too choppy on the water to safely land our dinghy on the beach without getting swamped by waves.  So it was a quiet day for us on board Take It Easy.

Momentous day today!

Today, 26/12/15, is a momentous day though.  The wind is Northerly for a brief 30 hours, then a vigorous Southerly change will come on Sunday morning.  So we are running the gauntlet into NSW. We departed at 2.00am this morning, with the intention of ending up at Yamba on the Clarence River before the change arrives.  This will be a 153nm passage and we will keep going day and night.  We have a few fall back options if we need to pull in earlier: Evans Head, Ballina, Byron Bay, or the Tweed, all barred river entrances in Northern NSW, spaced out at about 20 to 30 miles from each other.

We will be in NSW next time we post… promise!  And we will be exploring some river or another, since the Southerly will be blowing hard for a number of days.  But for now, here are a few images from our last few days.

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