Sailing Reunion

A lovely part of sailing is the friendships you make along the way and the reunions with fellow yachties at anchorages.  There is something about sharing amazing ocean experiences and crossing paths for short periods that make seafarers’ relationships special.  You click, you have a lot in common, plenty to share, you enjoy each other’s company, then you may not see one another again for ages.  But that is OK.  There is a bond.

Sailing in Company-8

Anchored at Platypus Bay

During our time at Fraser Island we got together with Trish and Andrew on their catamaran Sengo, and it was fun to spend a few days together.  They were waiting to pick up their family for Christmas, we were waiting for the weather to be kind to us and let us progress southward.  We met last year in Bermagui and have kept in touch.

Sailing in Company-9

Theirs is a big cat: a Leopard 48.  They live aboard with their two pussycats.  It is huge.  Take It Easy at 38ft is diminutive next to Sengo, but we all have fun, we all appreciate nature and love the sailing life.

Other than sharing sundowners and meals together, having cat naps and exchanging sea stories, what do two catamarans get up to when they meet?  We could not resist having a little kitty cat race in super light conditions – well more of a turtle race, really – doing anything from 1.7 to 4kn under jib, ghosting downwind along Platypus Bay to Moon Point on the Western side of Fraser Island.  No risk of breaking speed records, but plenty of chances to beat your slowest pace under sail though!  At 5 tons Take It Easy is a featherweight and does a lot better in these conditions than a 20 ton heavyweight.  We were first to anchor at Moon Point.  Had it been really windy, Sengo would have had the upper hand, as waterline is king.


Thank you guys for the company and for the pictures of our boat under sail.  Enjoy your forthcoming circumnavigation.  Pick us up on your way back up the East coast in 18 months!  We will be ready to follow for another lap.

For now we have exited the Sandy Straits at the Wide Bay Bar this morning and are in the ocean heading south!  We will be riding light easterlies for a day or two then a northerly.  With a bit of luck, next time you hear from us we will have turned the corner into NSW.

Merry Christmas everybody.

18 thoughts on “Sailing Reunion

  1. Nice pics guys! Pity about that Marine Traffic site, it still has you at that small reef/ island! Nice 8kt easterly this morning? Happy sailing …..

    • Morning Elgar – passing Rainbow Beach – motor sailing at this stage but hopefully will improve. We are aiming for the top of Moreton Bay by late tonight and probably won’t get any further as tomorrow is Southerly 15kn +! But we are coming down😊

      • Morton Bay is pretty good going. How fast does ‘she’ go? (Truth now).
        Pouring rain here today and tomorrow and southerlies forecast for the next week! Coming into NSW at the moment not very promising. Christmas and new year at the Gold Coast? (ha ha) Nice walks at Lamington Nat Park if you’ve not been there …..

      • Tip of Moreton Island – Yellow Patch – is our current anchorage for Christmas. We are here for two days/3 nights. We had a long day sail yesterday (13 hours), initially motorsailing at about 6.2kn but once the wind picked up we were doing 7’s and 8’s. Very pleasant! Current forecast suggests we might do a big 160nm run to Yamba before the next Southerly change. Early start Saturday morning and we will keep going overnight. Looks like we will be in the Clarence River for a few days! But time and weather will tell. Merry Christmas to you and Claire.

      • Thanks for your wishes, merry Christmas to you and Wade!
        7-8 kts is so good compared to either of my old monohulls ,,,,,, but slow compared to you old, what was it? Voodoo?
        Happy sailing!

  2. Safe passage. If you need to do a restock we are at Newport and can help with transport if required. You can anchor out to wait for the Northerlies to return. Email offline for details.

  3. Fair winds, calm sees. It was great catching up with you too! Hopefully we have a lovely balance of tales to tell you when we next meet; and not too many croc stories. Love the sv Sengo crew: Trish, Andrew, Tiger and Cilla.

  4. Hey you guys! You are getting closer to Port Macquarie….amazing photos you lucky ducks!

  5. They say that patience is a virtue, but I suspect you are a bit restless by now. Wonderful shots–the blue skies look so inviting–and, of course, I’m happy to see you included some images of Bengie. 🙂

    • You are right Mike, the weather is really testing us! It is very stop and start…
      Yes, was thinking of you with the Bengie shots… She is very much part of the cruise. Sailing would not be sailing without her on board 🙂

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