Iluka Breakwater Dwellers

It is special when a man made structure like the Iluka Breakwater not only serves as a safe harbour for yachts, but also as a rookery for birds. Hundreds of Crested Terns have colonised the Iluka Breakwater and made it their place of choice for raising their chicks.  They are hard to ignore with their loud chorus from day break to nightfall, so we had to take a look at them at close quarters.

A slow dinghy ride along the wall, armed with the big Canon bird lens, yields many photos of the adult terns with their chicks at different stages of development, from little fluff balls to fledged but immature youngsters. The adults are feeding, bringing little fishes in their beaks to their brood. It is fascinating to watch.  And the terns are not the only dwellers on the breakwater.  Oystercatchers, seagulls, herons, pelicans, cormorants also come and visit.

Here is a selection of shots of our noisy but endearing neighbours.  This was a team effort, with Wade maneuvering the dinghy and spotting the babies while I aimed the camera!



10 thoughts on “Iluka Breakwater Dwellers

  1. Beaut photos especially given the circumstances. Well done Wadie too. Pepa slept all night and after Beckie and a game of fetch is sleeping again. Such fun

  2. Love the shots with the chicks–so cute–but my favorite photo is the final one with the three cormorants. Best wishes, Chris, for a wonderful 2016.

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