Iluka and Yamba Wanderings

Summer cruising makes us intensely aware of the weather and its vagaries. Each year we experience intense storms, endure extreme temperatures for long periods, get worried about severe thunderstorms, get drenched by heavy rains. It makes us conscious of the need to be prudent in our sailing, and grateful for what we are able to enjoy right now.  Sometimes it is a bit testing, but that is part of sailing, you have to accept the weather hand that is dealt to you!

With lasting strong winds which kept us at Iluka for over a week, we made the most of our extended stay on the Clarence River and explored our surroundings.


Wild weather at Yamba

A walk in the rainforest, a wander around the Iluka Bluff, a ferry ride to Yamba on the opposite shores of the river, birdwatching along the Breakwater, all brought good entertainment while it was not possible for us to sail South. This World Heritage area has plenty to offer, but hopefully, by the time this post is published, we will be at the Solitary Islands.  Stay tuned! For today, here is a gallery of what has caught our eye over the last week.

6 thoughts on “Iluka and Yamba Wanderings

  1. Great pics again, loved the stag horns and the terns. notice you were nearly off Nambucca on the 2nd. should now be sth of there. Marine watch is good to follow. have fun

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