Published in Australian Multihull World!

We have had another article published in Australian Multihull World this month!  Even though this relates to the delivery of Take It Easy from Gippsland to Tin Can Bay some 7 months ago, it is still a thrill to see our work in print.  This was very much a team effort: Wade as skipper, Merv and Mike as crew, and Chris as the writer.


A side effect of writing regularly for yachting magazines is that Take It Easy is recognised as we cruise around the Australian coast.  It is pretty exciting when other yachties come and say hello and tell us they enjoy reading the articles on anchorages they might like to visit.

To read “Mission Possible”, go to our Published page under the Practical section or click on the image above.

Once again, thank you Merv and Mike for helping us take our boat North. You would not believe how hard it is now to bring her back South, though!



13 thoughts on “Published in Australian Multihull World!

      • One of the unexpected advantages of using my face as my avatar is that occasionally random people will come up to me at the park where I usually shoot and tell me how much they enjoy my photos. (I post regularly to the park’s Facebook page.) Getting articles published must be really gratifying for you.

      • It is Mike. The combination of the writing, the photos and our adventures being appreciated by yachties and people who dream of sailing make me and Wade feel special.

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