Gone into hiding from an East Coast Low!

Australian East Coast Lows are intense weather systems that have many of the characteristics of sub-tropical cyclones, and guess what? We have been right in the middle of one of them! Strong winds of 30 to 40 knots, heavy rainfalls that can cause floods, dangerous swells and seas making boating hazardous, all this for several days… these are conditions you definitely want to hide from.

Luckily we were anchored in front of the house of our friends Lisa and Waz, on the Hastings River at Port Macquarie.  We were there for five days.  Dinghy rides from Take It Easy to the shore and back have been wet and wild!  But we have enjoyed our friends’ hospitality, company and beautiful property.

Port Macquarie-8

The lily pond and flooded home paddocks from the heavy rains

So in between downpours, their acres of gardens have provided opportunities for nice macro photography, even if the wind posed some challenges.  Hours were also spent in the man castle, clearing rubbish, building shelves and assembling a garden shed.  We were productive as well as creative during these landlubber days!

Port Macquarie-20

Beautiful Dainty Swallowtail in the agapanthus

We are hoping the foul weather ends in time for a weekend departure – most likely on Sunday – and that next week the forecast northerlies allow us to make progress southward. We are quietly hopeful and have moved close to the entrance to be ready for when the bar calms down enough to let us escape. The wind is easing, the sunset last night was magnificent.

Port Macquarie-1

Sunset on the Hastings River after the blow.

Here are a few of our favourite plants and critters in Waz and Lisa’s garden. Thanks again guys for your kindness and hospitality.


20 thoughts on “Gone into hiding from an East Coast Low!

  1. We just left Port Stephens this morning and are heading overnight to Jervis Bay. That low caused plenty of drama with yachts heading back from the Pittwater to Coffs race. We had a magical entry into Port Stephens close to midnight with a pod of dolphins around us and luminescent orginanisms in the water. It was like a Walt Disney production with the dolphins leaving a trail of luminescence as they swam up to our bow and they were glowing as if electrified.

    • That’s a magic moment that makes the long non stop passage worthwhile! You two are making huge leaps! We will be leaving Port Macquarie tomorrow and enjoy the few days of northerlies to sail south. Stay safe.

  2. Have been following your blog for a while, and was thinking about you both with all the rain and wind over the last week. Its been interesting for me to be watching the weather forecasts, trying to predict your next move South, but understandably frustrating for you guys. SO: while all this was going on my plan-set from Peter & Anne Snell arrived for the Sarah my wife and I are building over the next two years. Included was a instructional video of Peter building an 11.6. Half way through I realised it was Take It Easy. It may be interesting for you to see it one day (if you haven’t already).

    • Hi Peter, welcome to our site. You might like to officially follow – just click on the orange button and you will get our posts. Gee, two year build is a very quick build! All the best – it’s a great boat. A friend of ours, Chris Guthrie has just launched his Sarah, Outback Dreamer. He showed us the video of Take It Easy’s build, too!
      It’s funny to hear you trying to guess our next move… Hopefully tomorrow we head out again with northerlies for the first time in the whole trip! We have some serious catching up to do to make it home by the end of the month!

  3. Hi Guys, glad all is good with you despite the weather. Outback Dreamer is looking magnificent on her mooring. Am looking forward to welcoming you aboard when you return home. Will be in Broulee this coming friday and may see you there. love Christopher and Michelle

    • Thanks Sue – there were all different colours of lilies in the ponds, a real treat.
      We hope to make some serious progress over the next few days! We need to! Hopefully you’ll track us on Marine Traffic… It has been a bit hit and miss with this app, rather lack lustre like the weather.

    • Yes we are doing the big push south now, level with Sydney and continuing to Jervis Bay – will be about 45 hours non stop before the southerlies return.

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