The weather according to Bengie

Bengie the ship’s cat has made a small splash in the October issue of Cruising Helmsman with a short article published in the High Seas section of the yachting magazine.



Weather Guide

We often joke about her weather forecasting abilities and even put a bit of a wind guide together, showing her behaviour at different wind speeds and sea states.  This did not get published for some reason. So here it is for a laugh.

The Article

And now for the article that did get published, click on the Ship’s Cat banner to read or download it, or go to our Published page – Practical Section!





16 thoughts on “The weather according to Bengie

  1. I think you should be up for some award as an author by now. Well done again Bengie and Chris

  2. Congrats on the article. I’ll have to consider how we can include “cat behaviour” in the Navy weather forecasting schemes.

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