Back at Yarra’s Edge

We were lucky. Just after publishing our last post, we got the go ahead from Yarra’s Edge Marina to moor in the same spot as we were in July, despite the fast flowing river and debris. We had to dodge a few rafts of branches and floating logs as we approached the Marina, and wait for the Parks barge to clear the logs that had piled up in the little ‘lagoon’.



Check out the size of those logs… and quantity!

The Yarra has never been a very clean river, but it is particularly dirty now. Our boat’s toilet looks like someone had a bad case of diarrhea and did not flush. Too much detail? OK, moving on!

The good thing about being at the Marina is that we have easy access to town for all our errands. We had so much to do… we still have all the medical stuff next week, but we are now a little more under control and starting to meet up with friends and family.

We have been treated like royalty at Yarra’s Edge. Look at the little sign!


And we have caught up with other catamaran owners which is always fun. John on Alidade, an alluring Outremer 49, and Terry on Macanudo, a Leopard 45, follow our travels so it was great to meet them in person. At 38ft Take It Easy looks a bit diminutive next to them, but it does not stop us from exploring far and wide!


As we have often said, having friends join us for sails is a treat for us as much as for them. Leanne, Fine  Art Photographer friend, spent a day with us and although the weather was rather iffy in the afternoon, we went out for a sail in the bay. She saw her home town from a very different angle!


Melbourne from the Yarra, just past the Bolte Bridge

The container ships coming up the Yarra are always a little daunting.


Large container ship coming up the Yarra!


Make way!

As the afternoon passed, the weather changed from sunny to threatening. The clouds were beautiful and gave a very moody feel to the city skyline. If we broke any record it would be for the slowest sail we have ever had, but it did not matter! We did a bit of a triangle: out to Williamstown to pick up our serviced dinghy outboard, then a sail towards St Kilda, double back to Altona and back into port. We got rained on a little bit during the motor back up the Yarra, but managed to dock before the big downpour.


Passenger cruise ships and the Spirit of Tasmania at Port Melbourne!


Close up of Melbourne town with the distinctive Eureka tower.


Threatening clouds over the Melbourne skyline, time to get back before we get drenched!

And a few days later Wade’s family joined us on board. They were keen to go for a sail too and it was a bit more windy.  We even thought the boys would get drenched as the waves from the short chop were hitting the bows!



Sailing to Altona with a reefed main

We even saw Alidade as it was raising its main.  We don’t know how John manages to run this big catamaran on his own, but he does a great job!  Enjoy the passage back to Adelaide JD!


The count down has started! We leave for France on Sunday night the 17th, so we might post once more before we go then it is Au Revoir!

21 thoughts on “Back at Yarra’s Edge

    • Hiya Leanne, it was so good to have you on board! We missed you all that time away. Lots of industrial shots of the port in your post, so a great complement to our own! Hope you have a special image of the city you can develop in your own unique way at some stage. 🙂

      • Thank you Chris, it was so good catching up again. I love industrial, so it was a great time to get some. I think I have a couple that I can work on more, will see how I go.

  1. Having fun and meeting with friends and fellow “caties” is wonderful. I hope you get everything done before your departure especially catching up with your many friends

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  3. How nice that you’re only 8 days for your trip to France. In case that you wouldn’t have time for another post, I wish you have a good trip to Europe and enjoy your time there. Au Revoir mon amis! 🙂

  4. Great to see you and Leanne get together. i”ve been follwing you both for a long time. Had the opportunity to meet her in NYC back in 2015 when a gang of fellow bloggers got together.

    • Hi Robin – yes I missed being able to go out with Leanne as we used to before we ‘retired’ so could not miss the chance while back in Melbourne!

  5. What a privilege to have your own little mobile house parked right in the center of Melbourne! Is the rental rate better than what the land lubbers have to pay? Is there somewhere you could lock up a bicycle nearby. With bike and boat, I reckon you’d be set. Great to see Murray, Marie and family on board! Cheers and all the best for France!

    • Hi Craig – life is pretty good here, a lot cheaper than a hotel at $50 a night. The boat is too small to store two bikes on board although there are bikes for rental along the Esplanade. We choose to walk everywhere or catch free trams around the city so it works out really well. Wade is trying to talk me into buying two electric skateboards or scooters for transport but I am resisting for now, and we’ve seen the electric monocycle that you talked about a while back… that’s a definite no-no🤪!

  6. Hi guys, Many thanks for all the advice you gave me the evening before our departure for Sydney. The forecasts were all wrong, and after three days of battling strong headwinds (a night in Oberon Bay, as you suggested, saved our sanity), I had an epiphany mid-Bass Strait in the middle of an amazing 4am lightning storm and headed north for Lakes Entrance. All well except for the Aerogen, which self-destructed. Long story short, Lynda and I and the little pooches spent the next three weeks touring the lakes – again as you suggested. Wade. The NYE fireworks at Lakes Entrance were spectacular – maybe not as glorious as Sydney’s, but impressive nonetheless. We loved the lakes and Macanudo is now happily resting at Metung. With the Strait islands and the Prom beckoning, she might not return for quite a while! Porte-vous bien et assurez votre securite.
    Terry on Macanudo

    • Hi Terry – thank god for the Lakes we say! You must have had some mean winds to lose the wind generator! Not much fun…
      If you are venturing out into Bass Strait the Furneaux group of islands is our favourite. We are back on 25th Jan for a few days if you want to catch up. Fais attention et à bientôt!

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