Au Revoir to Australia

This is it! We are all set to say au revoir to Docklands and Australia and catch our plane to France. We have been very social and caught up with as many friends, family, sailors and ex work mates as we could! We have had our medical appointments with reasonable results. We are both on a 3 months’ blood test review and Skype consult. We have done everything to get the boat prepared, which included a major clean up and polish, picking the watermaker (putting a sanitiser in it so no nasties grow in the filters while not used for an extended period), and installing a new autopilot to replace our old one that had become unreliable. We have booked our haulout in Queenscliff for when we come back. We have done all our Christmas shopping and packed our bags.


Our gorgeous girl before leaving the boat

Bengie will unfortunately be in jail while we are away. It breaks our heart to see her stressed and scared, but she will be safe at the cattery. We are taking Take It Easy to the Williamstown mooring on Sunday morning and Peasy the dinghy will be left at the nearby chandlery while we are away, so we can get to shore with our luggage and back on board next month!

Having done all the chores, we had a day or two to relax. We took advantage of our location and played with not only the big camera, but also my brand new phone lens kit from Struman Optics – something my photographer friend Leanne recommended.  The handy kit includes a wide angle, a fisheye and a macro lens, all neatly kept in a little case and designed to improve the range of shots you can take with your mobile phone. We took a wander around the Docklands for a test run.



Docklands with Struman Lenses


Web Bridge and TIE in the background with Struman lenses

It was quite fun playing with the fisheye lens on the iphone, while Wade, eternal scavenger, managed to score a huge fender he fished out of the Yarra! Did we tell you we are low on the waterline and trying to get rid of gear on board?  Well, after cleaning it up, Captain Wadie managed to secrete Bigus Dicus in one of the deck lockers!


We leave you with a few more images of our surroundings, which we have really enjoyed, despite the noise level. This time they are taken with the Canon 7Dii and Tamron 18-400 lens.  We do prefer the results with the ‘real’ camera! This is the only proper photographic equipment we are taking overseas this time, a testament to its versatility. The other lenses are staying behind!

We won’t make any promises, but we will try to share a few photos from France as we travel through Normandy up north and the Pyrenees down south… Stay tuned and Merry Christmas to all!


Bolte Bridge at dawn


Bolte Bridge all lit up at night


Remnants of sunset over the Bolte


Iconic Melbourne buildings in the early morning


Looking towards the Seafearer’s Bridge and the city during the golden hour


The Web Bridge all lit up at night – TIE is hiding behind it!

35 thoughts on “Au Revoir to Australia

  1. Have a happy Christmas guys! We’ll be looking out for scenic postings from Provence ….

  2. The time is near for your trip to France my friends. I wish you Happy Holidays! Enjoy your stay in Europe and don’t forget to shoot many great pictures like the ones you posted today. Take care always. 🙂

  3. I can now see why you were comcerned about the second bridge! We were inside the marina in the big pen adgacent the foot bridge (at the other end). The photos are terrific (as usual) and I remember the Bolte at night. Wishing you both a safe trip and please give Bengie big hugs from me. xxx Trish

    • Hi Trish – yes always nerve racking to manoeuvre next to the Web Bridge! There is evidence of a few yachts scraping in! Thanks for the good wishes. Bengie is now at the cattery and for once did not growl and hiss too much. We are a bit sad but… Have a fantastic Christmas and big hugs for you and Andrew and a head scratch for Tiger. 💕⛵️

  4. Seasons blessings to you both (and Bengie!). Thank you for inspiring us with your photos and stories throughout the year, and wishing you safe travels until you return.

      • You should have seen him reaching for it as the wind was making it drift away from under the jetty! I thought he might have fallen in, but he got it! He is now looking for a match – I don’t like his chances🤪

  5. Have a wonderful and safe trip and Merry Christmas in advance. I just got the Tamron 18-400mm lens myself and look forward to running it through its paces–your beautiful photos give me an idea of the kinds of images it can produce.

    • Thanks Mike — you too have a wonderful Christmas. Glad you got the lens – handy for travelling and a good all rounder for when you don’t want to carry your whole kit! Let me know how you go with it!

  6. I have enjoyed your blogs and I must admit with a little envy. My boat (Juanita) is finally on the water but that is a tale in itself. Have a happy Christmas and enjoy your holiday. I am coming to Melbourne for a week 2 days after Christmas but I doubt you will be back in time.

    • Oh no we’ll miss you Clive – not back till the end of January. Glad Juanita is in the water – what an achievement! Have a good Christmas.

  7. Have a great trip Chris and Wade hope the new year will bring you both much joy and happiness.

    All our love Brenda and Henry

    • Hi Henry, so glad you got in touch… we did not have your details since you retired and left a message at work but not sure it actually got to you. Let us know what you are up to! Merry Christmas! Hugs to you and Brenda💕💕

  8. Lovely cityscape shots showing the different colours of the city. You are such a seagull Wadie, gathering all sorts of things to keep, it looks huge. Have a great Chrissy with your family Chris, stay well and come home safe

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